ECSA: Strong EU Equals Strong Shipping Sector

first_imgzoom For shipping to remain a facilitator of trade, a provider of jobs and a dynamic sector of the economy, the European Union must continue its role as a commercial heavyweight, the European Community Shipowners’ Association (ECSA) said in a mid-term review of the EU’s Maritime Transport Policy, presented at the European Shipping Week 2015.In a statement co-authored with ECASBA, ETA, EuDA, CLIA Europe, Interferry and WSC, ECSA says that Free Trade Agreements are mutually beneficial to the EU and the shipping industry as they ensure the prosperity of the Union, by relying on the services of the industry.Consequently, it is vital to keep the open seas secure and eliminate all threats of piracy and armed robbery that put human life as well as the global logistics chain at risk.The EU institutions should also ensure a more efficient deployment of adequate Port Reception Facilities in all EU ports and facilitation of the seafarers’ movement from third countries within the Schengen Area, as well as other measures that allow the cruise industry and other sectors of the shipping industry to continue supporting the sustainability of coastal communities through trade and marine tourism.Finally, special reference is made to migrants at sea, and in particular the recent events relating to the growing refugee and migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.ECSA says that crews on commercial ships are not trained in humanitarian operations and ships are scantily equipped to deal with dozens or hundreds of distressed people, including women and children.The shipping industry should not be relied upon to execute tasks and undertake initiatives that should be the sole prerogative of governments and international bodies, says ECSA.last_img read more

DHB Cup Round 2 Adio VfL Gummersbach

Last two times participant at DHB “Lufthansa Final Four” tournament, Vfl Gummersbach lost match of second round in Balingen 33:36 (27:27) after extra time. Specialists for Cup competition (VFL won Cup EHF and Cup Winners Cup in a row) unexpectingly were defeated, but that isn’t only defeat of favorites in early stage of DHB Cup. HSG Wetzlar suffered disaster as a visitor against TuSpo Obernburg 25:33 and also, TV Großwallstadt as third team from First Handball Bundesliga finished participation in DHB Cup after defeat against TV Korschenbroich 24:25.VfL Gummersbach: Geoffroy Krantz (2), Adrian Wagner (3), Christoph Schindler (1), Drago Vukovic (3), Igor Anic (4), Patrick Wiencek (3), Jonathan Eisenkrätzer (1), Josip Valcic (4), Adrian Pfahl (11/7), Vedran Zrnic (1)HBW Balingen-Weilstetten: Felix Lobedank (2), Benjamin Herth (6), Dennis Willke (3/1), Frank Ettwein (5), Roland Schillinger (4), Wolfgang Strobel (2), Vladimir Temelkov (5/4), Jens Bürkle (3), Johan Boisedu (3), Sascha Illitsch (3)Tuesday (Round 2 – DHB Cup)TuSEM Essen – SC Magdeburg 26:37 (11:16)HSG Ahlen-Hamm Youngst. – HSG Nordhorn-Lingen 33:39 (19:22)Wilhelmshavener HV – TBV Lemgo 23:34 (12:17)TuSpo Obernburg – HSG Wetzlar 33:25 (13:14)TV Korschenbroich – TV Großwallstadt 25:24 (12:10)HBW Balingen-Weilstetten – VfL Gummersbach 36:33 n.V. (14:15, 27:27)TuS Esingen – VfL Bad Schwartau 11:44 (6:22)Photo: ← Previous Story Boris Denič substitute for Serdarusic in Celje PL Next Story → EHF CL 2010/11 began – Historical win for HC Sankt Petersburg read more