Moroccan Courts to Adopt Tamazight Language

Marrakech – A Moroccan court will soon adopt a law that enables Moroccans to litigate in the Tamazight language, according to Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, in a speech to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.The prime minister added that the Ministry of Justice and Freedoms is developing special measures and taking a series of steps to constitutionalize the Tamazight language, which is an official language, alongside Arabic.Benkirane added that his government was working to create broad programs for Amazigh creativity, such as creating a television journalist award in Tamazight language as well as a prize for Amazigh creativity in the Morocco Book Award contest. Khadija Rouissi, a member of the party of Authenticity and Modernity (PAM), Khadija Rouissi criticized Prime Minister Benkirane fiercely, considering him the enemy of the Tamazight language.Khadija recalled Benkirane’s opposition to Tamazight in the constitution of 2011, when he said Tamazight is “a Chinese language”, referring to the difficulty of reading its alphabet.Benkirane responded to Khadija Rouissi, saying, “If you were really interested in the Tamazight Language, you would have dedicated an entire motion to it, rather than a question of five minutes.” read more