6 Best Comedy Podcasts to Get You Laughing Right Now

first_img Editors’ Recommendations The Best History Podcasts for Learning About Everything From Pirates to Presidents The Best Podcasts to Listen to During Your Workout The Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2019 The Best Podcasts to Listen to at Work It’s a brutal winter out there this year, fellas. When you’re cooped up in your house as buckets of snow are falling outside, the winter blues can start to set in. To help you ward off cold season sadness, we’ve gathered up six of our favorite funny podcasts to conquer the winter blues.The History of StandupExplore everything from the origins of the term “stand up comedian” to the first brave souls to ever attempt the job in this history podcast hosted by career comedian Wayne Federman. Each episode, Federman schools his friend Andrew Steven on all there is to know about the history of stand-up comedy. The duo is typically joined by a guest, the likes of which have thus far included professors of comedy, like Judd Apatow and Margaret Cho, among others. We’re sure it comes as no surprise that gathering a group of funny people to record a podcast talking about comedy is, well, funny, but the true heart of this show is Federman’s genuine passion for the history of his craft as he dives into questions you didn’t even know you had, such as “Did the mafia invent the term ‘stand-up comedian’?” and “How did comedy evolve from vaudeville to being taught at universities?”ListenAnna Faris is UnqualifiedUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve heard of actress and all-around delight Anna Faris. Each week on her podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, the Mom star and her co-host, Sim, field listener questions, dole out relationship advice, and chat up guests like Yvette Nicole Brown, Dax Shepard, David Spade, and more. Despite the hosts’ self-proclaimed lack of qualifications, the advice portion of the show is full of heart and a palpable desire from Faris and her panel to help listeners who call in. This authenticity doesn’t take away from the humor, though, as Faris and her guests crack jokes and exchange friendly roasts. The show’s warm balance of humor and compassion make it both heartwarming and side-splitting.ListenThis Sounds SeriousThis Sounds Serious is a scripted comedic take on the true crime genre, which has soared to such massive heights of popularity as to be nearly unavoidable in the podcast space. It delves into the strange death of a famous weatherman found drowned in his waterbed and the even stranger story of his brother, whose 911 call upon discovering his brother’s body may be the strangest part of the story altogether. The show is beautifully produced, with a narrative style that recalls genre giants like Serial and Sword & Scale and perfect audio drops that fully sell the journalistic style. The world-building is a feat in and of itself, with a deeply fleshed-out background for the story’s players and voice acting that sells every syllable.ListenHow Did This Get Made?It’s a formula as old as time: get a group of friends, put on a hot mess of a movie, and spend a solid few hours tearing it a new plot hole. On How Did This Get Made, hosts Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael, along with special guests, take this classic formula and cook up a delicious movie review show that is somehow just as hysterical if you’ve never seen the film being discussed. Past guests have included Conan O’Brien, Dan Harmon, Ike Barinholtz, and a whole lot more. The show’s fast-paced conversation makes for a wild deep dive into everything that’s wrong with the world’s worst films, and the panel’s riotous commentary on every plot hole, strange decision, and bit of busted dialogue will certainly keep the blues at bay.ListenDoughboysDoughboys is, in the show’s own words, “the podcast about chain restaurants.” Every episode, hosts and comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger discuss, review, rant, and rave about restaurants with a special guest. Past guests have included John Hodgman, Sarah Silverman, Scott Aukerman, and more. Episodes begin with the boys and their guest riffing about their lives for a while before jumping into discussing their favorite eats and eateries from across the globe, as well as (sometimes) their very own experiences working in food service. The show is an entertaining mash-up of comedy and food review, full of hashtags and hot takes on such issues as home fries vs. hash browns and chips on a sandwich.ListenMy Dad Wrote a PornoWhat should have been (and perhaps was) a painfully awkward discovery by Jamie Morton has now become a wondrous journey for his co-hosts and listeners. So wondrous a journey, in fact, that My Dad Wrote a Porno has become the most successful podcast in UK history. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, My Dad Wrote a Porno is a wild journey through the erotic stylings of Morton’s father, who decided to whip up some sexy literature in his retirement. So now, here we all are, enjoying the tales of Belinda the sexy saleswoman and her creator’s comically fundamental misunderstanding of anatomy. Each episode, Morton reads a section of his father’s risqué writings to his co-hosts, James Cooper and Alice Levine, as well as a swatch of hungry listeners just waiting to laugh, cry, and cringe at the next installment. While you may not want to blast this baby on speaker, trust us: the ride is worth putting those earbuds in.ListenIf you burn through all of these, you should check out our favorite podcasts for road trips, our top overall picks for 2019, these productive podcasts to help get your life together, the best fiction podcasts overall, podcasts to listen to at work, the greatest history podcasts, some spooky horror podcasts, or The Manual’s own podcast. Need more suggestions? Here are some of our faves for men’s fashion, craft beer, and true crime.And if you’re new to podcasts, you’ll need one of the top apps for listening. If you’re more interested in the small screen, these are the best podcasts that have been adapted into TV shows. 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