CARP Austria JanuaryJuly 2015 CARP history in A

first_imgCARP Austria, January-July 2015: CARP history in Austria goes back right to the early years of our movement, when the then young members who had joined held Divine Principle lectures at the University every week. Being students themselves, they were successful in spreading the Divine Principle among students and connecting them to True Parents.In more recent history a CARP Student Centre was opened in 2004 in Vienna and since then served as activity center for 2nd gen CARP members. From 2009-2011 it was used by STF as the center of their witnessing activities.Last year in October a CARP team was created, consisting of 7 members. Since then they successfully held one event a week, mostly on Friday evenings. The program included discussion evenings, movie nights, sports and leisure time activities, cultural and creativity evenings. Through these activities 2nd gen members over 18 could join and create a community. Additionally, there’s a small team which focuses on outreach, organizing lectures and HDH meetings on Thursday evenings. Moreover, the CARP team also created a CARP blog and a CARP newsletter.In February 2015 CARP has held a CARP WS in Seebenstein with the motto “How to be successful” and in the future is planning to organize two workshops a year.Plans for the near future:Continue the weekly programs, the newsletter and the blogCARP WS in September 2015Help establish CARP in other communities of AustriaA Ski Workshop in February 2015last_img read more