Intel partners with IDT for wireless charging Ultrabooks PCs and smartphones

first_imgEarlier this month it was rumored that Intel was developing a new wireless charging solution it could integrate into the Ultrabook platform. In so doing, it would remove the need to plug your Ultrabook into a power socket directly, instead placing it on a charging pad or at least near a power source.Intel’s interest in wireless charging has today been confirmed through a new partnership with Integrated Device Technology (IDT). IDT will develop a new integrated transmitter and receiver for Intel, allowing for wireless charging using resonance technology from up to several feet away.The partnership goes beyond just Ultrabook wireless charging components, though. IDT has been tasked with reducing both the size and cost of wireless charging solutions for Ultrabooks, smartphones, all-in-one PCs, and as complete charging solutions that will most likely be offered as a way to enable wireless charging for existing devices.As for when we can expect to see an Intel-branded wireless charging system, IDT is working to provide samples in the first half of 2013, suggesting product integration should happen in time for the major holiday season at the end of next year.IDT’s Gary Huang has also suggested that eventually wireless charging will expand to power everything on your desktop. So your wireless keyboard, mouse, backup storage device, smartphone, and PC/laptop will all be completely wireless, with each including the necessary components and battery to be charged.A completely wire-free desk at home sounds great to me, and if this IDT/Intel venture is successful it could be a reality within a year or two.Read more at IDTlast_img read more