DuckDuckGo popular search engines dont offer true search results

first_imgWhen one company dominates a market it’s very difficult for others to break in without finding a different way consumers respond well to. In the realm of search, Google is king and holds the majority share of traffic and therefore advertising revenue. The only search engine to get anywhere near Google is Microsoft’s Bing, but that’s still a long way back.If you are a tiny, start-up search engine how on earth do you compete with these giants? One such search engine has found a way, by rebelling against certain practices such as search engine tracking, and telling us some truths about the popular search engines that may just make you want to switch.It may be clever marketing, but search engine DuckDuckGo has put up a page explaining how when you use a search engine like Google or Bing, you aren’t actually doing a real search anymore. Instead, you are searching within a filter bubble.The way that Google makes money is by getting you clicking on search links and viewing adverts. To get you to click it makes sense to provide search results that match with our likes. So when you search for something, Google takes into account what it already knows about you. The end result being the search results are tailored to you rather than just the subject matter you put in the search box. This also means two people searching for the same thing will get different results.This is what DuckDuckGo calls a filter bubble. It effectively shuts off certain results because Google doesn’t think you will like them. The results you get may still be relevant and useful, but its not the true, raw results anymore. And that filter bubble effect will only get worse over time as Google or other search engines learn more about you through your online habits they are tracking.This may not matter to many people as long as they get to the information they need, but the flipside is you may never see some results that could change your view, or offer up a new perspective.Read more at dontbubble.usMatthew’s OpinionI’ve always known that the advertising results on a Google search are tailored to the user, but not the main search results. I always thought Google just offered the best results for that search term.I can see why it makes sense to tailor them for the individual, but even so, I don’t like the fact I’m not getting the best results regardless of who I am. If I want further filtering I will adjust the search term accordingly, I don’t want Google or Bing, or whoever to do that automatically with no indication it is happening.last_img read more