T&T tourism minister racks up $59,000 phone bill in four days

first_imgCudjoe…racked up large cell phone bill Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Tourism Shamfa Cudjoe incurred a cellphone bill of $59,059 over a four-day-period- January 29 to February 3, this year.This was the claim of temporary United National Congress (UNC) Senator Christlyn Moore, who read out the bill in the Senate during a debate on the mid-term budget review last night.Moore referred to statements made by Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat about the need for everyone to “cut and contrive”. She told Rambharat that all his colleagues may not share his “lofty sentiments”.Trinidad grandma on gun chargelast_img read more

Latest actions taken by Palm Beach County Commission

first_imgIn meetings earlier this month the PBC Commission took the following actions:Equal Business Opportunity – adopted the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Ordinance, which is intended to further Palm Beach County’s compelling interest in ensuring that it is neither an active nor passive participant in private sector marketplace discrimination, and to actively promote equal opportunity for all segments of the contracting and business community to participate in county contract opportunities. The Office of Small Business Assistance has been renamed the Office of Equal Business Opportunity. Purchasing – approved amendments to the Purchasing Code and Local Preference Ordinance to include necessary references to the Office of Equal Business Opportunity, the Equal Business Opportunity Program Ordinance, and Equal Business Opportunity policies and procedures. Tourist Development – approved an amendment to the Tourist Development Ordinance to require hosting platforms and booking services to verify that a residential unit is registered with the Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office and has a business tax receipt and tourist development tax account prior to advertising a short-term rental. The amendment requires short-term rentals to retain certain records, and authorizes the Tax Collector’s Office to obtain records and provides for civil and administrative penalties. Palm Tran – approved an amendment to Palm Tran’s fare policy to establish fares for the Palm Tran Connection Belle Glade Flex Route and Dial-A-Ride pilot services.Fire Rescue – approved a lease extension from May 25, 2019, through December 31, 2019, for temporary Fire Rescue Station 22 to continue operating out of office space in the Grove Market shopping center in the city of Westlake.Fire hydrants – approved an ordinance amending the boundaries of the Riviera Beach municipal service benefit units (MSBU) to include 141 properties that were previously missing. This ordinance also updates and restates the boundaries of the MSBU-Riviera Beach and updates certain provisions relating to the adoption of the non-ad valorem assessment roll and the rate resolution. Substance abuse treatment – approved a contract in the amount of $550,000 with Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network, Inc. (SEFBHN), for the period October 1, 2018, through March 30, 2019, for the continuation of expanded bed capacity, substance abuse treatment, care coordination, and prevention programs to educate the community about the dangers of opioid use. Project Saturn – conceptually approved a cash incentive of $19,200 over a five-year period, to be matched by the city of Boca Raton, for Project Saturn. The company is considering relocating its corporate headquarters from New Jersey. The project will invest $580,000 to lease, renovate, and equip an 11,500-square-foot facility, creating 32 new jobs over a two-year period at an annualized average of wage of $76,647 and an annualized median wage of $65,000. The estimated five-year local economic impact is $51.7 million.FAU Tech Runway – approved a grant agreement with the Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustees (FAU) in the amount of $50,000 for the FAU Tech Runway project. The grant monies will enable FAU to expand its services in northern Palm Beach County supporting technology, life science and neuroscience efforts at the FAU Jupiter campus. Concessionaire services – approved a three-year agreement with Jupiter Outdoor Center, Inc. for the operation of a water sports and recreational rental equipment concession at Riverbend/Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park in the amount of $26,400 per year ($2,200 per month) commencing no later than 60 days after board approval. The board also granted a 30-day extension, effective November 1, to Tennis Insights for the continued management and operation of the Tennis and Racquetball Center at Burt Aaronson South County Regional Park. This will give staff time to schedule a new concessionaire agreement.Tina’s Café – declined to allow the lease with LJL Food Management d/b/a Tina’s Café to expire as scheduled on Jan. 31, 2019. Tina’s has been the food service provider operating in the Governmental Center parking garage since 2005. Roads – adopted a resolution abandoning any public interest in a 1,265-foot-long by 15-foot-wide section of the Polo Road right of way. This will eliminate conflict with future redevelopment plans by DiVosta Homes, L.P. The abandonment site is located east of Lyons Road and approximately ¾-mile south of Lake Worth Road. Corrective deed – approved a corrective deed in favor of the Lake Worth Drainage District regarding conveyance of a .039-acre of land along the shore of Lake Eden in Delray Beach. Issues forum – suggested Palm Beach County rejoin the Multijurisdictional Issues Coordination Forum and directed staff to bring back an interlocal agreement agenda item. Recognition – announced that the Department of Housing and Economic Sustainability received one of the top awards by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in the category of Business Retention and Expansion Program of three years of more. The award was presented during IEDC’s recent annual conference.last_img read more

US sends congratulations to Grenada as it celebrates 45th year of…

first_imgWASHINGTON, CMC – The Trump administration in the United States has congratulated Grenada on its 45th year of political independence from Great Britain. “On behalf of the Government of the United States, congratulations to the people of Grenada on your 45th anniversary of independence on February 7,” said US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo in a statement.  “Grenada is a warm and welcoming host to thousands of Americans each year, and many US students also call the ‘Spice Isle’ home,” he added. Pompeo said the United States values the “strong people-to-people ties” with Grenada, stating that they have “laid the foundation for our ongoing partnership with Grenada to combat drug and human trafficking, mitigate the effects of natural disaster, and promote economic prosperity and entrepreneurship. “We look forward to deepening cooperation in these areas, as we work together to implement the US-Caribbean 2020 initiative,” he said. Pompeo said the United States “values this longstanding friendship and wishes the citizens of Grenada a happy Independence Day celebration.” Grenada officially gained independence from Britain on February 7, 1974. Over the objections of the opposition, and an eventual boycott of the ongoing talks with Britain by the opponents, the late Prime Minister Eric Mathew Gairy “persevered, and Grenada was granted independence,” according to Caribbeanelections.comIt said Grenada continues to practice a modified Westminster parliamentary system, based on the British model, with a governor general appointed by and representing the British monarch (head of state) and a prime minister, who is both leader of the majority party and the head of government. Sir Eric was Grenada’s first prime minister and Sir Leo de Gale its first Governor-General. Dr. Keith Mitchell is Grenada’s current prime minister.  Grenadian Independence Day is commemorated by official ceremonies and colorful parades across the country.last_img read more

CARICOM warns of the impact of climate change on the region

first_imgBUDAPEST, Romania, CMC – Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary General, Irwin LaRocque says climate change remains an ‘existential threat’ to the development of the Caribbean.Addressing an international conference on Building Resilience to Natural Disasters, LaRocque said that “it has been recorded that between 2000 and 2017, member states of our Community suffered at least seven major disasters in which damage ranged from 33 to 226 per cent of the affected country’s gross domestic product (GDP)”.LaRocque made reference to the 2017 experience where the estimated cost of reconstruction after the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria was put at five billion US dollars.Prediction of more intense, frequent storms “For us therefore, especially with the prediction of more intense and frequent storms, seeking to build resilience against that phenomenon is urgent,” he told the conference that is also being attended by several CARICOM foreign ministers.Romania, which currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, is using the conference for debate and exchange of good practices regarding resilience to natural disasters, and to identify and develop cooperation models between States in order to reduce the effects of global warming.Need access to fundingLaRocque, in highlighting the factors required to build the necessary resilience, stressed the importance of having access to concessional development financing well in advance of a disaster.But he bemoaned the fact that CARICOM countries, because of being labelled middle-income countries, cannot access this type of financing, since the principal criterion used is GDP per capita.“From our perspective, there is urgent need for the international community and international financial institutions to change the criteria for access to concessional development financing by middle-income Small island Developing States (SIDS).“Substantial weight must be accorded to our vulnerability in this regard. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) has begun looking at the issue. We need the support of all OECD members,” the CARICOM Secretary General told the Conference.He also made reference to the ongoing threat to the region’s financial services sector from what he described as the ‘unwarranted labelling of some of our economies as non-cooperative tax jurisdictions by the EU”.LaRocque said that financial services sector is a significant contributor to public finances in many CARICOM states and a source of funding for building resilience.On Tuesday, the EU listed six Caribbean countries in a new list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions which the Europe said was based on an “an intense process of analysis and dialogue steered by the Commission”.LARocque told the meeting here that the EU blacklisting ‘amounts to an attack on our economies,” and  acknowledged Romania’s understanding of CARICOM’s concerns with regards to the EU’s actions and processes and its assistance in bringing them to the attention of the appropriate EU authorities.last_img read more

Mayor Wayne M. Messam Presents the City of Miramar’s Jamaican…

first_imgMIRAMAR, Florida – Join the City of Miramar and Mayor Wayne M. Messam as he invites you to Jamaica Emancipendence Day Celebration. The city of Miramar celebrates Jamaica’s Emancipation Day and fifty-seven years of independence. The festivities will take place on Thursday, August 1, 2019, from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at Miramar Cultural Center, 2400 Civic Center Place.The theme of the celebration, Likkle More O’ Jamaica, brings the spirits, sounds, and tastes of Jamaica to Miramar. Willie Stewart and Friends will be providing live entertainment and music for guests to feel and move to island sounds. Guests are encouraged to come in their dancing shoes and festive clothes to dance and party all night. This celebration is free for everyone to come dance, relax, and enjoy themselves.The celebration offers a family-festive environment for guests to recognize, honor, and learn more about Jamaica’s diverse culture. There will be awards, prizes, and suprises for guests to experience. Jamaican Emancipence Awards will be given out to honorable community members in different categories of community service, business, education, and culture and entertainment.Honorees of the event are Power of Faith Ministries, Walker Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Drs. Ray and Joy Gordon of New Mirawood Academy, and Riddims Marketing.“I am so excited to gather together friends and families in celebration of Jamaica’s independence and heritage,” says Mayor Wayne M. Messam. “Jamaica, Home of All Right, signifies the City of Miramar’s efforts of bringing home the flavors of Jamaica to Miramar. This event is an opportunity for our residents to enjoy, learn, and appreciate what makes our community so diverse and progressive. I welcome everyone to come join the city’s celebration.”last_img read more

#OP-ED: They Didn’t Have to Die

first_imgMIAMI, Florida – There are over now over 14,000 Americans dead who first heard about the coronavirus pandemic almost two months ago. Fourteen thousand of our fellow citizens. Souls. Friends. Colleagues. Strangers. All dead. Quickly.They have been killed in every state of our country. Hundreds of thousands of us have been infected by the invisible yet powerful enemy. The worldwide destruction of life and society hearkens of a time over 5,000 years ago when our species had less control of the planet than we do today. The world is now on its knees.Onto these knees bow the competent and incompetent leaders of our world. We have seen some stalwart efforts by small nations such as Jamaica. With four deaths and over 60 infected persons, Jamaica is fighting to stay closeted from the world and survive. Should they be hit hard, they may not recover.Here in the USA, we have been misled and bamboozled by our political leadership masquerading as disaster experts. Worse yet, they are practicing public health and critical care medicine without the slightest clue of what they are doing. Trained experts are sidelined by political mavericks with disruptive agendas.Yet, we are provided minimal information only. We have so little knowledge about the rate of infection and death amongst African-Americans and other people of color. There is ample evidence in the literature that Black people in this country suffer more diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and arthritis-related complications and disease than all other groups. Black people live in more climate and environmentally damaged communities than other groups. Black people have fewer medical providers in their communities and fewer hospital beds available per capita. Certain chronic, sometimes terminal conditions, such as Sickle Cell Disease, place Black people at more risk from conditions that prey on the immune system, as does the SARS-CoV2 virus, the cause of COVID-19 disease.Shall we ever receive the vital race-defined data on infection, hospitalization, respiratory support, and deaths caused by COVID-19? Will the people in the marginalized urban and rural communities of color in this country be provided the same personal protective equipment (PPE) as others? What about some face masks at less than $15 each? African-Americans occupy a significant percentage of the staff of many hospitals throughout the country, working predominantly in the nursing and housekeeping departments. As we have seen on television, they are using operating room gowns incorrectly as PPE suits, incomplete plastic shields instead of proper eye cover, bouffant caps instead of head and neck hoods, and other errors of protection. They are subject to infection and the numbers will soon reflect these inadequate practices.The African-American communities of Florida and this country are on the edge of decimation by this microscopic virus and the bungled approach to its control and hope of containment. Unless drastic action is taken quickly, the community is in peril. The community cannot wait on the government officials to come rescue us. We need to jump to action now.Protect yourself by doing the following:Distance yourself from others– get 6 to 8 feet from everyone you meet.Stifle your respiratory secretions– wear a mask. Make your own mask or buy from the tailor or seamstress in your community.Sanitize everything– start with washing your hands multiple times every day and sanitize anything that people touch.Strengthen your immune system– find those ancient concoctions that our ancestors drank. Roots drink, herbal tonics, ground food, and build up yourself for the inevitable.Stay fit and healthy– exercise, stop or reduce cigarette smoking and alcohol intake.There may be a vaccine in 1-2 years. There may even be a cannabinoid supplement or treatment in 1-2 years. An old medication for malaria may even work, if it can get tested and trialed properly by medical personnel and not political lackeys. Our Black communities cannot wait for them. We may not exist in our present form in one to two years if we sit around and wait.Jah Bless and God WillingDr. Anthony J. Hall, MDCM, FACS is a Board-Certified and Fellowship-Trained Neurosurgeon and the president of the James W. Bridges Medical Society. He has been practicing medicine for over 25 years.last_img read more

Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami Re-Opens to the Public June 15

first_imgSOUTH FLORIDA – The Consulate General of Jamaica, Miami, will reopen its office to the public on Monday, June 15, to continue normal operations.  Regarding online renewal of passport applications, persons who wish to renew their Jamaican passports are being encouraged to utilize the online renewal process at the Passport, Immigration, Citizenship, Agency (PICA) website at www.pica.gov.jm. Only applicants who have renewed their passports after 2001 can be facilitated on this platform.  Persons can also submit applications via mail to the Consulate.  Applications forms are available on the Consulate’s website or PICA’s website. Consul General R. Oliver Mair has stated that in compliance with City of Miami Order and Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) Guidelines, it is mandatory that only an allotted number of persons be present in the office space at any given time.  This is to ensure that staff adhere to precautionary measures to protect nationals as well as themselves during the reactivation process. Individuals are advised to visit the website at www.jamaicacgmiami.org where a link is provided for reserving an appointment to visit the Consulate.  In this regard, an appointment system is now available on the Consulate website to schedule visits between Monday and Friday from 9:15 a.m. to 12 noon daily. In an effort to expedite the process, the Consul General has further emphasized that it is important that persons have all required documents to assist with the recommended process.  Information regarding services provided by the Consulate is also available on the website www.jamaicacgmiami.org.  Consul General R. Oliver Mair advises that staff are available to respond to general inquiries daily from 9:am to 3:pm, Monday through Friday, and can be engaged via phone 305-374-8431 or email at [email protected]last_img read more

Wayne Rooney Announce Retirement From International Football

first_imgEngland’s all-time highest goalscorer, Wayne Rooney has announced his retirement from international football.The former Manchester United captain, who made his England debut against Australia in February 2003, scored 53 goal’s in 119 appearances for the Three Lions.In a statement on Rooney’s official website, the 31-year-old forward confirmed reports linking him with a possible return to Gareth Southgate’s team for the upcoming international week saying: “It was great Gareth Southgate called me this week to tell me he wanted me back in the England squad for the upcoming matches. I really appreciated that.” He continued: “However, having already thought long and hard, I told Gareth that I had now decided to retire for good from international football.”“It is a really tough decision and one I have discussed with my family, my manager at Everton and those closest to me.”“Playing for England has always been special to me. Every time I was selected as a player or captain was a real privilege and I thank everyone who helped me. But I believe now is the time to bow out.”Having burst onto the scene at Everton, Rooney appeared at his first major tournament for England as an 18-year-old youngster at Euro 2004.Wayne Rooney scored his 200th Premier League goals in Everton’s Monday night 1-1 draw with Manchester City to become the second highest goal scorer in the English top flight behind Alan Shearer.Well played, Wayne Rooney ???? 119⚽️ 53England’s all-time leading goalscorer ☑️ pic.twitter.com/vw9CIpN1Jx— UEFA EURO (@UEFAEURO) August 23, 2017“Leaving Manchester United was a tough call but I know I made the right decision in coming home to Everton. Now I want to focus all my energies on helping them be successful.”“I will always remain a passionate England fan. One of my very few regrets is not to have been part of a successful England tournament side.”“Hopefully the exciting players Gareth is bringing through can take that ambition further and I hope everyone will get behind the team.”“One day the dream will come true and I look forward to being there as a fan – or in any capacity.” he concluded. RelatedWayne Rooney Arrested For Drink-DrivingSeptember 1, 2017In “England”Vardy, Cahill Retire From England DutyAugust 28, 2018In “England”“My Mind Is Made Up”, No U-Turn On England Retirement – RooneySeptember 3, 2017In “England”last_img read more

Betting on Data track explores the implications of artificial intelligence at #boscon2017

first_imgShare Share Submit The latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Live Betting Data and CRM will be tackled on the Betting on Data track – part of the Betting on Sports Conference by SBC Events (12-15 September).Asking the question: ‘How can AI be effective in terms of a sports betting environment?’, the first Betting on Data panel features the insight of CEOs from some of the leading companies in the field, including Quibit CEO Graham Cook, whose company has introduced machine learning to a number of processes that it provides to the industry.Also on the panel, which is being moderated by Ficom Leisure’s Christian Tirabassi, is David McDowell, CEO of platform provider FSBTech, and Paul Reilly, CEO of media agency Media Skunk Works, who have both been using AI to improve their services. Completing the panel is James Waterhouse, Founder of horseracing analysis firm Equotion, who commented: “I want to share my experiences as a big data / AI entrant into the market, and look to find partners with whom we can work to deliver on the commercial possibilities of this great new technology.”The second session of the track, ‘How live data is pushing back the boundaries for in-play betting’, also features some of the industry’s pioneers including Simon Skarsholm, Managing Director of data provider Enetpulse, who was instrumental in the ground breaking deal that saw IMG secure the live data direct from the ATP and WTA’s central scoring system.Betgenius Business Development Director Matt Stephenson is also on the panel. He commented: “Betting on Sports is fast becoming the primary event for the sportsbook world to come together in one place. Despite major growth in recent years, there remains significant opportunities for operators to boost turnover and margin – and Betgenius is key to helping them do so. I look forward to discussing how at the event.”Andrew Ashenden, EVP Betting at Perform Group, is also on the panel which will be moderated by Assaf Stieglitz, the Founder & CEO of Odds1x2.The list of confirmed speakers on the day also includes OtherLevels CEO Brendan O’Kane, GoCompare.com Chief Customer, Acquisition & Retention Officer Richard Harris, Wiraya Commercial Director Sam Madden and David Lampitt, Managing Director of Group Operations at Sportradar.‘Betting on Data’ is one of six tracks taking place in conference rooms 1 and 2, alongside the two-day ‘Betting on Esports’, ‘Betting on Affiliates’, ‘Betting on Innovation’, ‘Betting on Regulation’ and ‘Betting on Racing’, organised in conjunction with Racing Post.Meanwhile, the main auditorium at Olympia Conference Centre, with room for up to 450 delegates, will be hosting ‘Leaders in Betting’ on day one and a tour of the topical betting issues in tennis, cricket, rugby, basketball and boxing, putting ‘Sport in Focus’ on day two.Right now, tickets for the event are available at a fantastic 25% Group Discount when buying THREE or more – you can get them HERE.Betting on Sports is organised by SBC Events, part of the SBC Global group of companies which works with industry leaders to develop the sports and sports betting industries. Services include news coverage, knowledge creation, marketing and product consultancy, conferences, seminars and industry awards. Sportradar combats social media abuse with player protection solution August 17, 2020 Björn Nilsson: How Triggy is delivering digestible data through pre-set triggers August 28, 2020 Betgenius expands virtual sports range with Kiron August 20, 2020 StumbleUpon Related Articleslast_img read more

Sadio’s sending off leaves fantasy football managers in shock

first_img Flutter moves to refine merger benefits against 2020 trading realities August 27, 2020 Related Articles SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Share Submit Share StumbleUpon Paddy Power raises awareness of Missing People with Motherwell ‘silhouette’ stand August 7, 2020 In what was a tough week for fantasy football managers, goals from Marcus Rashford and Romelu Lukaku helped James Birch extend his run at the top of SBC’s league of Legends.William Hill’s Al Romulus had another impressive round, racking up 60 points and putting himself within 15 points of the top spot. Al’s midfield made the difference this week, as Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane and Christian Eriksen hit a combined 30 points.Also storming into the top ten was Sun Bet’s Tim Reynolds, who will have been ruing leaving N’Golo Kante on the bench, as the Chelsea midfielder netted against his old club, Leicester City.To many people’s surprise, after four rounds of fantasy football Spurs defender Ben Davies is the game’s MVP, the defender helped Paddy Power’s Lee Price earn a spot in the top ten this week, and has racked up a total of 32 points so far this season. Harry Kane also ended his goal drought this weekend, for him and Davies next up is an attractive game against Swansea at Wembley. Could Spurs players be the biggest scorers this weekend or will they be cursed by a midweek tie against Borussia Dortmund?Many managers will be looking ahead to next weekend’s Super Sunday, as champions Chelsea take on Arsenal and Wayne Rooney returns to Old Trafford with Everton.last_img read more