Ji’nan network marketing expert to teach you how to do QQ group marketing

third questions: have you seen the advertisement in the group group, or you have not released a group of advertising. Please answer or not.

last night, the scene is a small piece of Pirates of the Caribbean inside, but with the design lines:

before the official opening, ask three questions.

this problem is too retarded? So, you can refuse to answer. You despise the eyes tell me, can I continue to ask second questions.

you may say, QQ group is now full of advertising, what is good about? Yes, good advertising QQ group and do not know if there is no Ma Huateng at first thought. Well, have you ever wondered why you so hate advertising? What method can let you love our ads, to produce conversion through advertising have?. Xiao Yuqiang teacher to tell you how to do a good job in the QQ group of advertising and marketing. read more

Long tail keywords is the key of network marketing

long tail keywords have lot of misunderstanding, can not be said to be misunderstood. This is all station location different way of seeing is a bit different. I have long tail keywords optimization all around the product description rather than product problems to mining, again referred to above case.

long tail keywords mining page with column or content? Before met a marketing master, he used the technique of mining the long tail keywords was mining column. I first said suicide first saw the long tail keywords with column mining, but finally thought that he is absolutely right. The weight of a content page is very limited, but not the cumulative increase. But one more column included the contents of the natural weight is not very low, and the program is the content page can update snapshot to do this. But questions a website casually add it? The new column will increase the share of old column weight, so the impact of what has yet to be verified? Hope that if there is a time and experience of a friend can use the column mining method of long tail keywords > read more

How to increase the flow of Google pictures increased 35%

note that this is not a completely rational scientific experiments, there are many factors that affect the click rate, especially ranking. You can get the higher ranking, click rate is relatively higher, so need to pay attention to Google Shanghai Longfeng analysis report "mean position number".

know, I use different lighting and background color pictures, trying to change the picture around the blank light, trying to give the people in the picture with glasses (these can use professional PS processing, the author studied graphic design). Then submitted to Google, with the passage of time, I believe in different clicks will have different improvement. read more

The strategy of network marketing planning for the three elements of the core class

What do

Tan roots planning operation

enterprise is the core of the network marketing promotion, website? And the conversion rate, sales, copywriting, products, Shanghai dragon…… All right! In the concrete enterprise meet specific network marketing work, this is the problem, but this is not at all. The fundamental reason is that no systematic view of network marketing, not a global strategy to command, not creative problem solving, and no training into operation system. In simple terms, not to do network marketing network marketing planning. Creative strategy, and operation of the system. This is a read more

How to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a web site

recently, a friend asked me, how to analyze a site’s advantages and disadvantages, and then extends to how to optimize the site and website promotion work? This question is very much within the scope of the proposition, not one or two words can say clear one or two articles. An introduction of this article to bear the general idea of how to analyze how to optimize the website, website, a framework of how to promote the site’s cognitive guidance. That is, this article does not have special skills and details of the steps described, only the "branches".
back analysis of a website has advantages and disadvantages, we don’t stay too much on the site itself, this is not the focus of this paper, we focus on how to promote the Shanghai dragon, from the point of view to analyze the website. You may ask, what is the website of the advantages and disadvantages? Bear that simple site advantage is in line with the company’s development trend, in line with industry characteristics, consistent with the habits of users, that is able to complete your corporate culture, product advantages, industry information through your web site out of a perfect, and "perfect" premise is certainly your website with most visitors taste.
read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released Wap&App double standard


love Shanghai mobile friendly search is a new dimension to improve the quality of the page based on the search, according to love Shanghai senior manager Zhang Zhihui introduction, mobile friendly basically starting from the angle of view, contains the page readability and ease of use of resources in three aspects and page quality gain etc..

"page for readability, we can see that love Shanghai user experience has done research on the page loading speed, the user of a web page loading time, it is best to open 5 seconds. In the mobile era, PC era has a lot of scroll bars, not too much advertising accounted for the main area." Zhang Zhihui introduction page readability standard. read more

How to solve the noble baby Webmaster Tools crawl errors

two in the Sitemap, error

, a HTTP

when a page on your site (for example, when users visit your web page in a browser or noble baby BOT grab pages) to your server sends a request, the server returns the HTTP status code in response to a request.

, three redirect error

from the noble staff Susan Moskwa explained: baby

webmaster tools will be divided into two categories: error error (site errors) and web link address error (URL errors). If multiple crawl errors appear on a web site, so you can trust the site down, and even affect the ranking, of course this tool for the love of Shanghai is also effective optimization. So how to solve the noble baby Webmaster Tools capture mistake. read more

How to calculate the weight of love Shanghai really useless

Then the weights from >

"there is no love and weight" Shanghai PageRank: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/college/articleinfo id=15

is to say:

words, and each word has a corresponding index. Numerical and irregular every webmaster tools still love Shanghai index get more words and corresponding. The current value of repeated updates, not repeat it added to his thesaurus.

when a new online, many people will see this value, one day I don’t think it would become a "weight 1", why would become 1 weight? In addition to love Shanghai first Webmaster Tools index with words and specific data, will also go to Shanghai to find love "these words before the 5 page data. And will be recorded. When your site has a word in the lexicon in Webmaster tools, and in Shanghai the top 5 pages, is the top 50 (when love Shanghai promotion position is not), then congratulations, you finally from 0 to 1. read more

The site is the cause and treatment measures linked to the phenomenon of the horse

radical from start to close the loopholes, processing method for reference "consumption of resources".

1. backup site.

5. third party tools unreliable: 360 detection and monitoring of small parasol, after a trial in person, are not particularly reliable.

treatment measures

site was linked to horse, the same parts of each page or different parts are linked.

In addition to the The

well, master the measures processing sites linked Enterprises above, believe you should ease in handling the problems in front of the website linked to horse, not because the site horse problem is difficult to solve and give your site, don’t forget why you had to spend money to build a website. read more

Using the site navigation directory to improve website weight

some time ago Kedeng bloggers also made outside the chain of many web site directory, which also had some good website, here is not to say to you, I say free advertising, want to know in private for me. Practical experience in process of bloggers and share their.

1: leveraging the right platform. Site navigation directory is really a lot, don’t do not know, also began to think that resources are hard to find, then fell in love with the sea search is really a lot of feeling. But bloggers did not use all the sites submitted, just choose some and their related platform website directory. Directoryblogger of lavender is submitted data, this is a IDC website, all bloggers and webmasters will find some related websites, like some life service website, although there is also the classification of computer network, but bloggers and website really not all also not to do. Site navigation force is huge, we want to force, but also borrows is not so easy, all we have to find a good platform to share. Don’t waste their time. read more