The report said the presence of thousands of Taobao shop brush false transactions can quickly enhanc

reports that Taobao shop on the presence of thousands of brush: brush single day, such as operating a year?

[TechWeb] April 3rd news reports, the U.S. research institutions in a study of electronic business platform for false trading will show, this study investigated five existing scalping online trading platform. The researchers found that Taobao has 11000 stores in the presence of a single phenomenon.

it is understood that the researchers sampled more than 4000 companies with real ID, monitoring the upgrading of their store rating. The presence of false transactions to enhance the store’s shop rating faster than the normal operation of the shop at least ten times, that is, the ranking of the trading platform on the front. The effect of a single day is equivalent to the normal operation of the year.


study found that, in the survey of Taobao 4109 of the existence of false trading shop, only 89 is Taobao punishment, such as ordered to shut up shop or reduce store ratings, accounted for only 2.2%.

Ali said it would be committed to combat scalping phenomenon. The Alibaba said they used sophisticated tools to identify fake transactions and analyze them from a large number of transactions.

Ali said that the existence of false transactions Alibaba shop will be faced with the deletion of praise, the store can not be displayed in the search results and a maximum fine of 150 thousand yuan and closed shop punishment. Serious cases will be dealt with by the judiciary.

single brush phenomenon is actually strictly prohibited. Ali Yu Yu, vice president, said in 2013 1 million 200 thousand sellers in Taobao, about 17% of the seller’s false trading, false trading volume over 500 million pen, turnover of more than $10 billion. (rain)

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