Network management will introduce a blacklist system

"3· 15" approaching, the online shopping industry security issues once again become the focus of attention. State Administration for Industry and markets division deputy director Yang Hongfeng in the construction of shopping environment forum revealed the integrity of the network security, the State Administration for Industry and commerce this year will be the network operators into the "black list" system, once the website will face serious cases of illegal Internet market in the nationwide ban; while establishing the network of business entities, to promote the household registration database in electronic commerce credit mark.

Yang Hongfeng pointed out that online shopping pictures do not match, fake brand, customer service does not fulfill service commitments, violation of consumer privacy, Internet fraud and other unsafe phenomenon, the State Administration for Industry and commerce is considering the establishment of a network operator "blacklist" system, the serious network practitioners into the blacklist, if found to have Internet infringement and selling counterfeit shoddy goods and other illegal acts, will remind the Ministry to close the site, and in the nationwide implementation of the network market exclusion, to prevent the continued to engage in illegal business. At the same time, the promotion of electronic commerce credit mark, the company’s net assets, asset liability ratio, credit records as a parameter, and finally come to a comprehensive evaluation of credit rating, for the enterprise to develop credit files.

according to the Beijing Municipal Association, sincere search network in the first online shopping business integrity service forum "published a survey showed that consumers frequently encountered problems in the process of online shopping has 4 kinds: online shopping encounter problems, can not find the relevant authority consulting help; shopping website products false propaganda, defective products, fake and expired products are still not satisfied with the products sales; buy can’t keep the shopping website customer service return, service can not keep up; the network seller fraud, courier service problems. Consumers believe that the current lack of supervision of shopping sites, the relevant provisions of the management details. At the same time, the lack of credibility of network integrity. Some shopping sites in the number of shopping, the integrity of the sale of fraud, the so-called credibility is difficult to convince people. More than 8 of consumers want online shopping related laws and regulations promulgated.

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