Tencent acquired Comsenz foregone conclusion the domain name transfer has been completed



domain name transfer Comsenz Tencent


technology news August 22nd afternoon message, domain name registration information display, the comsenz.com and discuz.net Comsenz domain, has all the transfer of Tencent. Since this is the Tencent acquisition Comsenz rumors appeared for the first time evidence. Both parties have not made it clear.

has been in a state not confirmed the acquisition of Tencent Comsenz issue, finally unveiled.

The latest

domain name registration information display, Comsenz belongs to comsenz.com and discuz.net domain, has been transferred to the Beijing branch of Tencent. For example, the company registered address is changed to the Tencent Beijing branch address: Haidian District, Haidian street, Silver Branch Building 16 layer.

Before the end of May this year,

China Internet webmaster will have news Comsenz has been the acquisition of Tencent. Allegedly, this acquisition is completed by way of cash plus equity, the transaction price of about $10 million or even higher range. However, it has been the subject of Comsenz and Tencent both denied.

Tencent has invested in the Internet industry for many times, according to the usual practice is required to be completely confidential investment company.

at the time of writing, CEO Dai Zhikang’s phone Comsenz has not been manned, and vice president Li Mingshun has yet to respond to comsenz. Similarly, Tencent Inc has not publicly stated.

One of

‘s rivals Hangzhou Detian Comsenz Mdt InfoTech Ltd (PHPWind), by the end of 2008 has been the acquisition of Alibaba. PHPWind and Discuz with Discuz! Grassroots webmaster for general software website.

data show that as of June 2010, the total number of websites registered in China reached 2 million 787 thousand, most of which are small and medium sites. Its huge number makes it the backbone of China’s network. As an important channel for the promotion of Internet services, small and medium sites are increasingly becoming the object of the Internet heavyweights.

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