Shop popular popularity of the promotion of the ten golden rule

is a popular store graphic: we are very concerned about the problem, although some friends shop opened up, but I went in to see many of his goods, from the cabinet above the baby time is coming, but my point in, found that only one or two actually hits. I felt very surprised, for treasurer heart cold. No one can see the baby shop, how could it be purchased.

in fact, encounter these problems the shopkeeper also did not worry, as long as you use the ten classic rule I shop promotion is good, no promotion is not out of the shop, only to take care of the shop.

shop to promote the ten golden rule one: enthusiastic to help others.

do not think that Taobao’s top paste is not rational and waste of time, the top stick is not only to show themselves, but also to allow others to show. In addition, the top post replies let the landlord know, don’t let me know if you reply significance is really not great, because I sometimes really busy, do not pay attention to their posts and how many friends you reply, this time is the best approach, talking to the landlord, said that in the future I post it to help me back a few, so, post fire, also have a friend.

diagram: shop promotion ten golden rule two: do a good job classification, add contacts.

The number of members of

a person want the popularity is reflected, if you want more acquaintances, not advertising acquaintance, you when others recommended baby to others acceptance will be much larger.

diagram: shop promotion ten golden rule three: clever set hyperlink.

There are many shops

friends add hyperlinks to many in between, some are completely in accordance with the requirements of Taobao, all got 35, a long list of friends, but we do not think we have time to visit the baby who pay attention to hyperlinks to ah, do you want to treasure or hyperlink ah. And in the Taobao hyperlinks are usually not very beautiful, a serious impact on the customer’s visual appeal oh. Here I want to recommend setting a hyperlink is unique, first of all, you can in your posts through the picture to set the hyperlink, or through Posts involved in your shop service text set. The two are usually very eye-catching, customers at a glance, but also very consistent with the Internet habits.

diagram: shop promotion ten golden rule four: to other places to contribute.

is a lot of landlord feel very headache, in fact, is a solid foundation for the construction of common submission, not the writer put all the content to write everything, and some experience is only each owner in the management process to experience more realizable, only convincing.

when you work in some large publishing platform, they are usually willing to offer you free shop promotion.

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