Admin5 QQ group lectures please more speakers

webmaster friends:

          this site provides a chance to communicate with the owners and friends, each other can suck to more experience and knowledge, recently carried out 3 consecutive weeks of lectures training lectures covering the novice webmaster do stand guide  . Http://    we have a QQ group of 200 people at 2-4 p.m..

          website promotion skills, site SEO optimization techniques, server security management system, DEDECMS application, div+css application skills and many other topics, wide support and praise by the majority of owners, but our
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          limited resources, many owners need something we are unable to meet. Here are some aspects of expertise to invite friends such as SEO optimization, industry promotion, technology, web server security alliance,
  to make money;; you can come here and exchange, share your successful experience, the webmaster nets also provide a stage for you to show yourself, have the intention to do a stage speaker friends please contact QQ:316290906  or QQ:470666


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