A new search a stranger based search engine

October 2005, University of California at Berkeley computer science master Patrick Riley alone to Munich Ludwig Makeximi Li’an University as a visiting scholar for 9 months. Like everyone who came to a foreign country, he met the "Shock" (Cultural): Munich is not the same as San Francisco and Silicon Valley, which makes him a little anxious and lonely. He is eager to meet new people – especially those who share common interests and concerns. But he soon realized that there was no tool that would make him do it.

"I can use Google to search for anything there, except people." Patrick told the first financial weekly, "I thought that someone had already solved the problem, but there was no."

this experience allows him to start creating a Search search engine (People) idea. It’s hard to find a truly "personalized" information about a person who is really just a "All things social" wave of the Facebook effect. And when the party place, occupation education skills, interests, religion, politics and marriage status information have become people to share in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and other social networking tools of data, and the total exponentially explosive growth of the moment, you find the one you need to find people through a search tool there is no doubt, becomes easy.

Patrick Riley found the right opportunity to put a "human" search products into reality. This product is called "Ark", which means "ark"". 3 months ago, it had gathered from the smartest entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator graduated and received from Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel and Greylock Partners and other top Silicon Valley investment institutions a total of $4 million 200 thousand in seed period (Seed Stage) investment – it is the largest in the history of seed funding scale. Patrick believes that adequate seed fund can make this change the search engine products to get rid of all fetters, without the rapid development of external control. "We don’t want investors to vote for every decision on our board, and we want to go back to writing code to complete the financing." He told the first financial weekly said.

Ark office is located in the town of Olinda about 20 miles east of Berkeley (Orinda), relatively far from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. But it is a relatively unique and harmonious atmosphere: Patrick Riley from undergraduate to doctoral experience all from University of California at Berkeley, another co-founder and chief technology officer Ark

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