Baidu cloud SkyDrive revision renamed Baidu SkyDrive personalized skin rosy

news October 10th, currently only down for the SkyDrive application number as Baidu cloud, SkyDrive believes that SkyDrive is currently the most user place. At present, IT found that Baidu cloud SkyDrive has just experienced a more substantial revision.



IT home after the actual experience of discovery, after the revision of the Baidu SkyDrive cloud interface more simple and flat, the overall page effect basically conform to the Baidu cloud Enterprise Edition, the upper left corner of the original "Baidu SkyDrive cloud" has been renamed "Baidu SkyDrive" at the same time, after the revision log in for the first time there will be a new revision reminder a new personalized skin function, can choose their favorite skin as background. The top right corner of the more than a replacement of the skin button.



in addition, after the revision of the menu hierarchy arrangement also has some changes, share, mail list, dynamic call records, SMS and other small features have been integrated into the "more" column, click the "more", there will be a new interface, including sharing dynamic, mail list and call records, SMS, etc. the application of the entrance, entrance is Baidu cloud enterprise edition.

overall, Baidu SkyDrive style and logic of this revision after closer to the Baidu cloud Enterprise Edition, also from this change the way, I do not know whether the adjustment indicates that the future of Baidu cloud business on the


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