Ministry of culture to set the threshold of millions of SNS developers more unqualified


recently, the Ministry of culture confirmed that, following the first batch of 6 online game companies to implement the network game minors Guardian project, the domestic enterprises have started the second batch of the pilot work of the 36. It is worth noting that, Thousand Oaks, happy net (, SNS game for the first time the rice network was officially incorporated into the regulatory scope of the Ministry of culture.

this message received great concern in the industry. According to informed sources, after the end of last year, the Ministry of culture, press and publication administration position will regulate the attitude of the game was presented by SNS, in June 2010 the introduction of specific measures of the schedule, so this move is likely to be the Ministry of culture that is the introduction of regulatory measures before playing the game SNS.

industry is a global social gaming market scale will reach $15 billion in five years, but how to carry out effective supervision has become the new government is facing challenges, especially some third party application developers are very active in the SNS platform, how to define their identity and legal provisions has become the focus of industry concern.

site proposed hosting compromise

on the supervision of the Ministry of culture project, Thousand Oaks, happy net, responsible for rice network support per capita. It is reported that the online games minors Guardian project is directed by the Ministry of culture, online game companies to initiate and participate in the implementation of self regulatory action. According to the requirements of the Ministry of culture, companies must participate in the establishment of the monitoring project service page, announced hotline telephone consultation and acceptance procedures, parents can put forward the name of their children to participate in the game behavior monitoring requirements.

previously, the Ministry of culture has also been implemented on several large SNS game company management, such as notifying the happy farm will "steal food" name, prohibiting SNS Mafia game, SNS game manufacturers to modify the content. It is understood that the Ministry of culture to the main SNS game company issued a document requiring all engaged in the operation of the Internet game business, have to apply for a network of cultural business license (including online games).

in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of culture, the application for the establishment of new network game business activities in addition to the relevant provisions of the Internet culture business units, but also should have more than 10 million yuan of registered capital."

also insiders said that the current SNS platform on the vast majority of the third party application developers do not have the financial strength, which may make the majority of developers prohibitive.

however, there are thousands of websites hosting oak proposed "compromise" scheme, third party development shared SNS site license at the same time, and the site of its game — responsible for the content in this form to accept the supervision of the relevant departments. In this case, the government departments in the context of how to define the identity of the third party developers, only a few people who have a small team, whether or not to have an independent law >

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