Run errands site TaskRabbit for 13 million C round of financing



run errands website TaskRabbit today announced the acquisition of $13 million C round of financing from Founders Fund lead investor, founding partner of Bruce Founders Fund Gibney TaskRabbit will join the board. At present, the company’s total financing of $38 million.

the company will use the existing funds to expand the size of the company, and will open up the market in london. In the past four years, the company has grown from the top 2 to the current 53, and has expanded its original Boston market to Chicago, Losangeles, and other places.

TaskRabbit CEO Leah Busque that the daily trifles is the best of the labor market, hope TaskRabbit will become the world leader in the change of the labor force, and TaskRabbit also have the strength to do this.


TaskRabbit has now launched the Delivery Now ready to serve in response to the launch of the start-up company Postmates an hour express delivery service. Delivery Now for most people to provide the most direct services, such as at home, such as a taxi, to buy things such as the mother of the pet can be the fastest and most convenient solution.

Founders Fund investment TaskRabbit is a fancy to the labor market, people began to have a new understanding of full-time work, the younger generation is more willing to work in their own hands. In fact, there are a lot of unemployed people in the United States, because there are not enough jobs for them, sometimes because of time conflict and can not find a good job. But TaskRabbit can solve these problems, it is like a courier system, where necessary, where employees to help customers, to ensure the successful completion of the work, and the price is very competitive. So TaskRabbit provides jobs for thousands of people.

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