Electricity supplier website operation of the six most important system

to do e-commerce, there are generally three ways: Internet, retail and supply chain. Internet based product managers usually pay more attention to the user experience of the site, depending on the user experience equivalent to the conversion rate. Retailers tend to look at the electricity supplier website as a channel, usually also joined Dangdang, Taobao such platforms, or more promotions and other activities. Supply chain was undoubtedly the best Amazon, used to see the Jingdong, Dangdang this discounts for different kinds of electricity supplier network, and then go shopping for excellence, inevitably feel site less point lively atmosphere, but the excellent old users, can be seen everywhere in the delivery time, inventory is in place.

no matter what kind of ideas to do electricity supplier, the most important thing is always the rate of return on investment, no matter what position the company is currently in which stage, the benefits are the most direct manifestation of the electricity supplier. As electricity supplier website operators, in site operation, which is an important index, the octopus in a bold.

first conversion system.


conversion system mainly includes the arrival rate, the conversion rate, the conversion rate, the conversion rate of payment. Site conversion rate is always the first, there is no conversion rate of the flow of the site, only that we are not familiar with the market, or the introduction of a large number of garbage flow.

This time we want to revisit the relationship between

and the conversion rate of the user experience, if the problem is not in the garbage flow above, the conversion rate is usually and process related websites, smooth simple process, intimate tips (reducing the user shopping risk), after the combination of commodity prices, will affect the final payment of user payment on the optimization of site structure and carding process, the conversion rate of the data will be more beautiful. (electricity supplier orders average conversion rate of 1/1000)

second purchase system

for the purchase system, the most important thing is nothing more than three content, customer price, repeat purchase rate and per capita orders. Of course, for different types of sites, of course, different requirements, such as luxury electricity supplier this is usually a combination of online and offline site, the customer price is naturally much higher than the general electricity supplier.

third member system

membership system: member access depth, member access frequency, new members accounted for, members of the introduction of the cost of re marketing of sleeping members. I do electricity supplier is not a long time, the process found that there are a lot of companies often in the two extremes, a number of sites to save stations outside the promotion costs, while in the station to spend more on the old user marketing costs. There are also a large number of sites on the introduction of new users to spend, in the maintenance of users spend little. Usually the first case is to have a certain user base of the older sites, second cases are usually new sites. These two cases have some problems, the marketing cost is certain, pull a new user sometimes is not difficult, but to retain users, at least three single, transforms it into loyal users is relatively easy, and only pay attention to old customers, loyal customers, also cannot reach the purpose of expanding the market.

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