Enterprise building nine drawbacks

after the establishment of a company, the person in charge of the enterprise will immediately think of doing a website, in their eyes, like a web site in a business card. Is essential. I should agree with that. Information age, if you can not find information on the internet. Imagine that your market share has been reduced by 50%. So every company wants to seize the online market offline. But before and after they were built in the process of committing the following nine ills

1 station only beautiful. Even if the site is beautiful and often important, he gives customers a pleasing sense of enjoyment. But ignore the importance of product display. To reduce the performance of the product to a very low level.

2  ignore product updates and maintenance. The initial stage of the establishment of the enterprise, the network company put their product information and so on to fill the site, you can spend a year two years. Product or so. Even some of the network company is not responsible for the product directly to the peer to use, the product description in short, there may be wrong map. Such a site is difficult to give customers a sense of dependence.

Update of

3 website. Stations built in 2005 and now built stations. Totally different ideas. With the popularity of large displays, the original only to adapt to 15 inches, 17 inches of the site has been outdated. Companies like to play God’s slogan for customers. So why not let your customers see your site so hard.

4 thin and weak interaction. Now is WEB2. 0 times. Talking about website interaction. Only interaction can reflect the vitality of the site. Dry page. Just leave a phone call. You let go. Is your product is the only one in the world. Customers have no choice but to.

5 site maintenance unmanned operation. Site from the site to now. No one care. Product update is no management. The company’s news from the early establishment of the sentence, the site was established, no longer below. In fact, the company news can be updated every day. On your website so that customers will have a little bit of trust.

6 website lack of promotion. Most of the customers on the Internet from the search engine or other door website. If your site does not increase exposure. How others find your website. Is that you just want to let old customers know. No increase in exposure is equivalent to your business card printing is not the same.

7 site lacks the necessary search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is to better reflect the product information on the search engine, there is no optimized website. Imagine how many people can find you on the search engine, then how do you sell it from the Internet?

8 site lacks the necessary marketing. Enterprises are the sales staff as the front-line staff. Yes. Their sales are the lifeblood of the company. Without their performance. It’s hard to survive. However, they can only conduct online marketing activities. How to increase online trading

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