All the car by a Tencent and Lei Jun investment second hand car to usher in the air

with the country’s second-hand car industry policy major positive, second-hand car electricity supplier also accelerated the pace of channel expansion.

March 30th, everyone released its so-called car in 2016, vertical and horizontal strategy: city expansion plan and open ecology program. In order to achieve the goal, everyone car CEO Li Jian said: in 2016 will invest 500 million yuan brand advertising, support for the use of the car vertical and horizontal strategy implementation.


Deputy Secretary General of

Chinese Automobile Circulation Association chairman Shen Rong told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said: "all the car responded positively to the national industrial policy is a good thing, the government will further boost the development of second-hand car industry confidence."

is the first C2C mode of domestic second-hand car industry companies, as of now, everyone has the layout in the domestic car city of just over 30, according to the plan, to cover the 300 city in the year 2017, covering 1000 city, covering more than 90% of the domestic second-hand car market. On this basis, the car will also launch a vertical industrial cooperation, open ecology program. With the help of a new round of investment, everyone will be working with aftermarket warranty, maintenance, finance, auction and even new car replacement partners to expand cooperation.

according to the official news, as of now, all car monthly turnover has exceeded 12 thousand vehicles, 40 thousand vehicles in the car source. Li Jian revealed that everyone has taken the lead in the realization of a single city car profits, the second half is expected to achieve overall profitability. According to the plan, with the implementation of the thousand city program, by the end of 2016 to achieve a single month turnover of more than 30 thousand vehicles.

Du Xiyong said everyone

car co-founder and vice president to accept the "First Financial Daily" in an interview with reporters last week, with the increase in trading volume, C2C mode of second-hand car trading business with profit conditions.

official website shows that the current car to the buyer to charge 3% of the service fee, which is less than the 2000 by 2000. Du Xiyong said that at present all the cars have been fully charged service fees.

nevertheless, the domestic second-hand car market is not yet mature. In order to promote the rapid development of the market, second-hand car electricity supplier companies from 2015 began to increase the intensity of advertising. The amount of seeds to the maximum number of second-hand car straight sell network and excellent letter of second-hand car, the former has been put into the advertising budget of up to 1 billion yuan, excellent letter advertising budget of second-hand car has reached $120 million, becoming the Focus Media biggest advertisers and show the guest.

however, the second-hand car business has not been profitable, the advertising budget is also mainly from the investment side of the huge funds accounted for, including this round of advertising budget of melon seeds.

up to now, everyone has received four consecutive car financing, investors, including Tencent, Lei Jun, etc.. According to reports, everyone will be released in the near future the latest car

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