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steady growth in the first half of the real estate market, real estate website users to maintain an increase of

According to iResearch

Internet monitoring data product iUserTracker data, 2013 Q2 quarter real estate site covering the whole decreased and then increased, covering the number of users reached 148 million in April, compared with March decline, a decline of 10.7%, an increase of 17.9%; May covering the number of users rose steadily in June, sustained growth, reached 153 million. Q2 scale real estate website user record. Ari analysts believe that the first half of 2013 continued to pick up the real estate market and real estate transactions led to a further increase in the size of the real estate website user. Real estate market as a whole in the new country five under the control of the volume and price is still rising trend, with the market to further regulate and control measures to adjust and adapt to the real estate market will continue to pick up trend. Ari with the analysis and prediction of traditional real estate transactions season "golden nine silver ten" season, in 2013 the scale of Q3 real estate website users will continue to maintain steady and rapid growth.


according to the National Bureau of statistics, 2013 Q2 national commercial housing sales 19384 yuan, an increase of 32.4%, according to the real estate advertisers advertising costs accounted for revenue accounted for about 9 billion 700 million of the average level, devoted to advertising, and in the Internet advertising costs about 1 billion 650 million homes.

real estate website advertising sales channels including direct delivery, direct acting and outsourcing to join the station in three ways, in addition to Soufangwang mainly adopts direct delivery, such as the focus of sina Locke, Sohu real estate website using the marketing combination. Comprehensive monitoring of iResearch iAdTracker brand advertising and graphic advertising business enterprise data, the network media interview data judgment, Sina Locke 2013Q2 quarter advertising value (the value of advertising houses including website direct income and create a station for the agents and the outsourcing to join advertising revenue) a total of about 400 million yuan; housing new premises straight off the amount invested about 380 million yuan; Sohu focus new advertising value of a total of about 130 million. Three website advertising revenue is still significantly ahead of other real estate sites.

real estate electricity supplier into a new stage of development, the platform and the media attributes will be separated

faster real estate network marketing hot focus on the development and innovation of real estate electricity supplier industry. In April 2011, Sina Locke and SOHO Chinese cooperative online auction shops marked the beginning of real estate e-commerce. Online auction for the downturn in the real estate market at the time to provide a new marketing hot spots to improve the public’s attention to the real estate market. Through the hot line marketing promotion line under a small listing of housing sales, to win the survival and development space for the real estate business, actively participate in and promote the brand developers and mainstream real estate website, real estate business market growth, to become real estate marketing channels.

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