Sources said the public comment was 850 million financing Tencent millet Wanda investment

Beijing, April 3, Chinese network 2, according to the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources said, China restaurant reviews and group purchase service providers public comment from investors $850 million financing, investors include millet, Tencent, and other famous enterprises. This round of financing so that the public assessment of the value of $4 billion 50 million.

it is understood that this is the last year after the financing of $1 billion 100 million last year, millet, the scale of financing of China’s venture capital companies by the second highest level of. Foreign media said that this shows the outside world for the future prospects of public comment expected.

According to

, an insider said, in addition to millet, Tencent and other investors to participate in this round of financing include the Government Investment Company of Singapore Temasek Holdings, enterprise comprehensive China Dalian Wanda Group Co and Fosun group.

informed sources said that the public comment on the completion of the financing in March 27th, which compared to the completion of its original financing time has been delayed, due to the emergence of a number of investors in the latter part of the investment demand. (China Network IT channel)

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