See the 70 investors flow meters eventually get 23 million A round of financing


positioning mobile phone traffic marketing services, flow meter officially announced that it has completed 23 million yuan A round of financing, investment by the Shenzhen color hearing technology, the two sides have a strategic complement in the business layer of the operator.

review of the flow meters in doing things:

pre bargaining packet traffic from the three operators, businesses can according to the demand according to the proportion and the probability of winning the smallest unit according to the specified operator is assigned to the corresponding user


platform provides H5 draw page templates and traffic distribution tools, and supporting the brush mechanism to ensure that each number can only win once

After the end of the

sweepstakes, all the data will be presented to the user’s winning

popular point of view, the flow meter is to help businesses do reward marketing programs, but prizes for mobile traffic.

businesses can not do their own marketing? Why do we have to flow meter


in early 2015, the opening of the policy of the three operators, businesses can begin to buy traffic packages, the price is lower than the market price.

if the merchant’s own procurement flow, need to separately negotiated three operators. And, with the operators of the higher threshold, there is a deposit of 1 million, consumption in the end of the month, such as the provisions of the 3. And through third parties, businesses can always cooperate with the purchase of marketing activities, low cost of cooperation.

so, "flow meters" to do a middle side of the business, the price formula: flow meters purchase price < merchant purchase price < market price.

In addition,

, flow meters for businesses to provide SaaS based marketing programs, customers do not have to do their own development, through a simple operation in the background can generate H5 pages for marketing activities.

why choose traffic as a prize?

first, traffic is just the people need, and most people still lack of traffic. Second, the flow associated with the phone number, so businesses can be relatively easy to present to the user. As shown in the following example, the user will receive a mobile phone number will receive a gift flow.


according to co-founder Liao Xiaoguo told the flow of rice after the award will try to extend the product to the product, such as calls, lottery tickets, movie tickets, etc..

In addition,

has accumulated a lot of users to participate in activities. Liao Xiaoguo said that this part of the data in the future or be invigorated, the current application is still exploring.

traffic costs continue to decline how to do?

since the pain point is based on the user’s demand for traffic, then there is a problem: as the State advocates the flow of tariff decline, whether we are no longer lack of traffic, and then will

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