How to do EDM email marketing

email marketing is one of the small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing promotion, how to do EDM marketing is to master the research this way, so as to achieve the professional level, the success of EDM marketing is not a lot of spam, but get very high conversion rate. For small and medium enterprises if it is to do brand marketing, EDM is very worthy of recommendation.

the most basic email information elements are few, the first is to get permission from the user, if the user does not have this demand, then send the past must not get each other’s attention, thus repeatedly sent will not only get the user’s resentment, will launch a large amount of waste to more user information share, and a little is non spam sending license. The second is the e-mail message. Third is the information must be valuable to the user,


is content licensing email, there are several forms, such as automatic prompting strategy forum post reply reminder, successful registration information registration website reply and reminders, to remind friends of concern. There is the announcement strategy, free strategy and the use of strategies, etc.. These are the official or formal mailing strategies will generally have more powerful, and users are very accurate, now of e-mail registration information is also a lucrative profit model.

non permissive email camouflage is from many aspects, from the hotties strategy to star burst secret strategy, these are very much concerned about the user, if the user needs to seize the love to see problems, get high efficiency. Recently has been sent to the wrong message, but I do not know this is a major strategy of e-mail marketing, to seize the curiosity of people to marketing, is a good way. Then the EDM marketing license must not be attractive, and are planning to plan with the appropriate transmission.

is one of the most economical way for the enterprise email marketing, pre selected good editing accurate user and content, into the warm advertising strategy can be greatly improved to promote turnover strategy. For the promotion of the brand, EDM is also very effective, for example, recently made the most mundane is Tieguanyin tea, basically covering the entire QQ mailbox, then from the user’s point of view, see again not familiar with, contact second, third watch will attract attention.

how do you collect e-mail addresses a day and how can I send emails quickly and automatically?

1 email collection can be complete information from the web activities are summarized, such as a web site to fill the policy information sent gifts, usually 10 people have 1 people complete information have been collected into a database for the needs of various industries in the classification, precision marketing and at the same time to communicate one on one IM, email etc..

2 is collected by software input keywords

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