Chinese information name and address on October 29 to the global open sunrise registration

October 10th news, recently, Tencent technology from the Ministry of industry and information technology Telecommunications Research Institute information name and address service management center was informed that the name of Chinese information will be open to the world in October 29th sunrise.

is reported that the opening of the Chinese sunrise registered information name and address (including Chinese.Mobi), is the name of the information service center and the world’s top mobile domain name (.Mobi) depth cooperation results. This marks the Chinese.Mobi first entered the Chinese market on a global scale, but also means that Chinese users do not have to cross the door, in the territory of the Chinese name and address registration service agencies can achieve registration.

it is understood that the "sunrise" or "sunrise", also known as "priority registration period", is a new top-level domain name after the launch, in order to protect the trademark rights of the legitimate rights and interests of the trademark owner, advance open registration period. In order to prevent the enterprise trademark is registered, trademark rights, priority will be registered in the sunrise period, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties. Once the sunrise period, the domain name registration will be open to the public, the implementation of the first note first principle.


Chinese sunrise registered name and address information for a period of 30 days (October 29th -11 28), in the sunrise period, any trademark rights may apply per capita, submit the corresponding documents and through the audit can obtain information from the site for Chinese. Name and address information service management center staff explained, "this is mainly for the purpose of the registered trademark holder to provide some buffer space, avoid malicious cybersquatting incidents in a certain extent, to maintain the normal order of the industry, regulate the healthy development of the industry."

Chinese name and address information

and the launch of the world’s top mobile Chinese contains a.Mobi domain, which means that the user registration Chinese name and address information at the same time of success, you can get a global top Chinese domain name.Mobi.

industry experts said that the Chinese name and address information is an important entrance of 3G mobile Internet era, has a broad user base and rich industry practice, and the name and address information and Chinese.Mobi domain of the depth of cooperation, the Chinese comprehensive information name and address the advantages of two will become the cornerstone of the localization of the mobile Internet where the development of the 3G generation but, belong to the scarcity of Internet assets, is likely to trigger a new round of mobile Internet myth.

in the sunrise period, the trademark rights can apply for each person, submit the relevant documents and the audit can be obtained after the application of Chinese information name and address. Subsequent public registration period will fully accept the registration of the public.

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