Five methods of overseas promotion of foreign trade website

more and more people began to join in the struggle for foreign trade, foreign trade website also came into being, but due to the language and cultural constraints, a lot of people although the foreign trade website is good, but not good to carry out its overseas marketing business, for example, but in western countries, language there are many, so the promotion is very complex, even do English promotion, will be in the United States and Britain the corresponding website marketing has changed a lot, the content of the website if there is a problem not only don’t sell goods, will make the joke even trouble, so do the promotion of foreign trade website is very difficult and let the author to introduce several methods, hope to the Webmaster Help


one: for the promotion of the region to produce different versions of the site

general promotion overseas is not English version, because English is a universal language, and English speaking countries are also many, so the use of English in the English speaking countries in the production site, naturally can obtain the user’s favor and no exclusion, of course, if you just for a country to promote the foreign trade website, it does not use English, can use at the corresponding national language is good


two: there is a certain understanding of foreign search engine word segmentation technology

is for us will be a Chinese word segmentation technology, but as to English as the main language of the system in the search engine is not what segmentation technology, of course, English also has its own defects, such as the same thing may have to use different words in different countries, like the refrigerator this word, Americans used to call fridge, and the British people used to call refrigerator, and chocolate have the same problem, if these nuances if not catch it, even if no matter how high quality and inexpensive products, because people do not know there is no way to get a good sales! So know the difference between words are used for promotion of foreign trade website

is a great help!

three: learn about different regions of the search engine’s landing page for different

because of the global languages too much, you can’t do everything, even the world’s top five hundred enterprises have yet to do it, so we can use the search engine PPC can choose different landing pages, allowing users to see the page at least and is related to their mother tongue, so that nature can lead user to see you the website


four: advertising should pay attention to the choice of time

will not have to do foreign trade website advertising, and this is the time to take time into consideration, if you put advertising time when everyone was asleep, then you natural this advertisement has little meaning, although the investment will be less, but if there is no effect that no use the


five: local laws and policies should be comparable

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