Mobile phone brand overseas marketing a big pattern in the small world

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mobile phone manufacturers inroads into India, the domestic supply chain manufacturers are beginning to see the India market, especially the Foxconn factory in India’s case, to the mobile phone brand in India raging battles is.

however, in overseas strategy China mobile phone showing two ideas, one kind of hope a miracle in the India market, the price again played another started betting on a gilded signboard; brand, a full range of brand promotion in overseas. There are a lot of the former spokesman, millet, a plus, cool, this is not the only one, the successor is also very typical, such as HUAWEI and glory in a series of foreign sponsored activities. In the case of the technology gap is gradually pulled down, the brand has become a golden key to China’s mobile phone manufacturers, but the current understanding of the brand is still some differences.

started out to sea, the brand is short board highlights the growing

from the beginning of 2014, the expansion of overseas market has become the first mobile phone brand strategy all active or forced to accept, especially in the domestic mobile phone market into the era of incremental replacement is particularly evident in 2016. For this or that reason, the India market has become the first stop of the majority of manufacturers to sea.

half sugar half injury, is also true for those who rely on price to enter the India mobile phone manufacturers. Released from the Counterpoint Research data, 2015 Chinese mobile phone brand in India market share accounted for 18%, the market share of India mobile phone brand fell by 5 percentage points, China mobile phone price strategy seems to be an effective weapon to enter the India market. Standing in the perspective of the government of India, to encourage the realization of the localization of mobile phones and parts and components manufacturing, it is modi advocated India manufacturing movement of the original intention of India. Therefore, in 2016 the import tax rate of mobile devices in India from the previous 6% to 12.5%, the future may even be further raised to $17%. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in India market prospects are not so optimistic.

and IDC report shows that in 2015, Samsung is still the leader in the market of intelligent machines in India, local brands Micromax, Intex and Lava points second, third and fourth of the throne. In the high-end market, Samsung, apple won 46% and the market share of 42%. Compared to India local brands, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in product development, supply chain management, marketing and other aspects to be more mature, even with apple, Samsung, China

mobile phone manufacturers are hardly in terms of appearance design, system optimization and other differences. On the one hand, in the low-end market facing local brand shopping, with the import tax rate increase, the price advantage will no longer exist; on the other hand, even in India such China incremental market, mobile phone in the high-end market is still not buy it by the user.


obviously, compared to apple, Samsung, China’s mobile phone manufacturers are missing >

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