Sima Li far from ganji com to donkey nets event marketing

CCTV media is the largest advertising media platform for influence, high brand value, All the world knows.! Has become a good battlefield of many big companies started marketing brand, frequently appeared in industrial products, the brand to the Internet now, are frequent in the screen! Marketing became the focus of study for enterprise network marketing is not. The exception, for Internet companies, both of which must be, both online and offline with

after, Tencent micro-blog, another Internet company appeared with CCTV advertising, that is! Spring Festival, advertising, Chen Yao endorsement by the CCTV, Hunan TV, bus, Metro TV media, as a network, you will not be unfamiliar, but in the majority of Internet users view Chen Yao, their impression of the donkey is profound, but not down, so has been all over the majority of Internet users to the "donkey nets". In the network, which caused embarrassment. We track how things develop, but as a research network marketing Sima stand far away, from which we can see some worthy of our research and learning things! promotion of similar website traffic, but more important than these! This is a lesson for marketing planning, can not say this is the marketing plan failed, after all, this event is a mistake or speculation, we can not judge, but in general, brand the influence of the. From the "donkey nets events" in the analysis of the reasons, it can be seen that the dislocation marketing planning, said the detailed specific, that is the focus of Chen Yao, or that the donkey is too prominent, so overlooked. From another perspective, perhaps would like to use the Internet hype to enhance the brand influence, some observation and analysis it’s just Sima standing near, but not impossible, only for your reference!

this simple to do some analysis, Sima made far that a successful advertising marketing plan should be divided into primary and secondary, important to highlight, but also to understand the analysis about the target customer habits and thinking! To evaluation of the entire advertising, with analysis of the value judgment of lace. Successful marketing lies in the details!


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