feel the feeling of earthquake site promotion

5.12 earthquake affects the people of all ethnic groups, also affects my heart, that day, I was at my office, our office room in Changsha a building 29 layer, probably close to 3 points or so, suddenly felt the building shake, start, no one knew what happened, I walked to the window next, shaking feeling more obvious, my head was dizzy. Looked out of the window, I saw a lot of people run out from the front door, then the property phone voice: "the earthquake, you guys down quickly, quickly turned down…", hurriedly call other people downstairs, then know the couch is the aftershocks.

the day before yesterday, I donated 100 yuan, although not much, but also on behalf of my little mind.

for a week, my website — a little humor network (http://s.www.hao508.cn), click through rate soared, starting from two days to more than a dozen individuals, from the ranking is very backward now ranking (cnzz Statistics), as shown in figure


history of the highest PV statistics are as follows:


no surprise, no sense of achievement, these days the mind completely submerged by the earthquake, just pay a few thousand dollars rent in unit donations, donated 100, I thought a few days to pay wages to donate hundreds, the brightness of life, after the disaster of grief, compared with those I do these how much is not worth mentioning.

for a small network of humor (http://s.www.hao508.cn), I was holding the mentality of the play, I do not mean to give me a surprise, I mainly through the following ways to promote:

1, by Ali Wangwang, because I had done in taobao.com trade, my Ali Wangwang there are about more than 1020 friends, through to their promotion, then friends to their friends, friends of the true friendship, let me grateful.

, 2 by QQ, presumably you webmaster familiar with it, mainly to promote through the group, I worked as a starting point in the Internet writer, Chinese network also published a novel (poorly), plus dozens of QQ group, if Ali Wangwang promotion is the first shock wave, then through the QQ group the second shock wave.

3, ensure the site updated every day, because I this website main content is about the funny, there are a lot of small jokes, many funny pictures, there are some funny animation, believe it has also attracted a number of repeat customers.

4, Ali mother through advertising, increase revenue, the first day of income is more than 1, and now slowly more points, although not many.

finally, I hope that the webmaster of these Internet, but also extend your hand to the people in the disaster area donation, the expression of the webmaster

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