Quickly improve the weight of the site is very cattle SEO case false station link

published this article, I do not know what the consequences will be, but in this solemn application, I will not refuse.

wonders: "quickly create thousands of IP promotion combat" see this article tuomohengfei, I have to either LJ or shame or classic or whatever, you need to do not need to not see.

before the new site on how to attract external links to the posts mentioned, commercial websites are often not easy to attract links, can consider website into non commercial information of the website, or add a part of pure information, to attract people to link up.

two days ago to see a case of the creation of external links, the idea has been to raise this idea to a wonderful level, very admirable. A simple way of thinking about the case.

is very difficult to attract links to a number of websites that are purely commercial or industry-specific. Do a easy to attract links to the information of the web site is actually a common technique, this case is so. The new site is purely informative, and try to be healthy and fun. Such as attracting enough links, or even from the site to their own really want to promote the site, or directly to the domain name 301.

But the name is Peter van der

Graaf expert more ideas. Peter to promote the key word is Bukkake. The first time I heard the word, check it out, the etymology of the erotic power of Japan, meaning probably more than one person together XXX.

can you imagine how this kind of website attracts links, especially high quality links?. Like this industry, it is usually one of the industries to buy a website on a large scale. But creative enough, it is not impossible.

Peter created a new website for this keyword. He wants to promote the word Bukkake, the vast majority of native English speakers do not know. He was inspired to create a fake website of a university professor, and the professor’s name is John Bukkake. Do not know the meaning of the word, really do not see what the problem.

web site is a copy of the other university website, the site also put a seemingly serious Indian photos. The whole site looks like a personal website for a college professor. In order to attract links, this website still expert added Bukkake fund, jokes etc.. Bukkake fund and other fund pages can exchange links. The non-commercial, no porn, looks serious website, of course easier to login official website directory. Peter has even concocted fake research results, such as the results of other research papers also attract links to other serious sites. These links are often linked anchor text is Bukkake.

is also a brilliant idea, when these links, not simply the whole.

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