Three save Chinaz Forum

Prepare daily analysis of 1 sites, short speech, hoping to have an immediate effect on the site.

chinaz Top Forum webmaster forum since K666, but recently also slowly weaken, remove a lot of the posting machine and traffic base, even lost to 51la and 171zz. In recent days, Chinaz also felt the decline of the forum, trying to save.

  I’m here pointing them. Should be immediate, back to life.

  1 Chinaz information will be reviewed with the forum interaction. At present, little information on Chinaz, open is also in vain. If combined with the forum, the forum brings popularity interaction, and the interaction of information and forums.

  2 merge plate, no matter how big Chinaz, as long as the 4 plate is enough. As for the 4 section, I will not dwell on.

3. multi site integration, the forum is the pursuit of popularity, popularity is growing. After separation, whether it is management or brand, it is difficult to develop.

next issue: three save Daqi

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