Mobile media pornography dark pending regulatory authorities

      hit edge ball to lure users to avoid the risk of building a small circle of hide and seek mutual promotion

is the last day of 2008, the State Council officially approved to start issuing 3G licenses, the industry of jubilation, finally looking forward to many years of 3G era is coming! The first day of 2009, China Mobile in a number of provinces and cities by GPRS flow rates, it is no doubt that everyone in jubilation outside a more affordable happiness!

3G license has not really issued, telecom stock has bucked the market trend, industry experts to count out the trillion domestic demand, hundreds of millions of users are looking forward to an early experience of 3G service. Under the cover of the situation, very few people can pay attention to the other thing happened 10 days ago.

pornography flooding: I am afraid that many editors have to go to prison,

December 19th, Beijing city court to the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials, to Beijing Qingdianwanwei Telecommunication Technology Co Ltd Luomou 4 people 3 to 5 years imprisonment. The court held that the 4 defendants to increase the company’s mobile phone WAP page hits, upload 28 pornographic pictures, click on the amount of more than 8 times. (hereinafter referred to as the "Qingdianwanwei case")

according to this standard, I am afraid that many mobile phone site editors have to go to jail." Worked for a famous website wireless Department Liang Jian (a pseudonym) this fear. Liang Jian introduced, pornographic pictures and text were once common on the WAP website, click on the volume are quite large, "a WAP website daily total hits in more than 50 million, including pornographic information click on the highest can more than half. Even if the site itself to exclude the amount of clicks, the actual number of clicks is still very impressive." Liang Jian believes that if you do not fundamentally regulate the mobile media, 3G may become a nightmare for many parents, because it also provides more possibilities for the dissemination of pornographic information on the phone.

sadly, "Chinese news published" the reporter survey found that, despite the 2007 storm and 2008 years of Olympic strict supervision, but the mobile phone media is still far from the "clean", especially text pornography is serious.

edge: text temptation to attract users to

, the reporter found that although mobile phone online sexually explicit pictures have been difficult to find a variety of ways, but the edge ball, even though the Sohu meet the eye everywhere, some large websites are no exception. The most common is the website pictures channel, female channel, emotional channels, to attract users to click on the title of the text very explicit links, content of more than ordinary model swimsuits or no detailed description of the text.


mobile phone website, not only text explicit, select a picture editing scale is quite loose, the picture is divided into navigation even "sexy" or "pure", "big" and "legs", "nurse", "young woman" with category to attract click.

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