Aerial video piracy case sentencing fined 2 million of the chairman was sentenced

Beijing News (reporter Chen Bo) yesterday, Chaoyang Court of first instance verdict, Beijing SAIJIN Media Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Haitao, vice president Yang Ming and other 6 people were sentenced to 4 years to 1 years and 8 months, suspended for 2 years. The company was fined 2 million yuan for the same crime.

video site "" (antenna video) play more than 5000 pirated film and television drama, two years profit of more than 2000 yuan. The site of operation of Beijing SAIJIN Media Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SAIJIN media director, editor) and 6 per person was accused of the crime of copyright infringement (newspaper has reported continuous).

according to the Chaoyang procuratorate accused, after identification, from 2008 to 2010, the number of infringement of television drama playing video sites of the antenna were more than 5000, illegal access to advertising revenue of more than 2000 yuan, the TV drama can not provide legal authorization.

yesterday, Chaoyang Court of first instance verdict, Chen Haitao and other 6 people were charged with the crime of copyright infringement, were sentenced to 4 years to 1 years, suspended for 2 years. SAIJIN media company also constitute the crime, punishable by a fine of 2 million yuan. It is reported that this is the first domestic drama broadcast pirated video website to be criminally liable.