Who is the dark horse of convenient service website

who is the dark horse of the convenience services website


at the end of 2007, public service sites across the land of China, and the risk of investors is unusually calm, everybody thought, since Softbank’s acquisition of 58 city began, not fancy their chamber of commerce risk investment risk investment, but recently it has been in a wait-and-see state.

convenience services, the first is to facilitate the people to serve the people. For example, I am in Nanjing, and so will go out, do not know how to go the route, then I look at Baidu, the search results are as follows (Figure 1)


as the first site of SEO do good, open the web site to see, we may wish to analyze how the website is to do service, I hope to write several advantages:


1, to provide all the bus route query, and the query has three ways: line, station and transfer query, query can see all up to the precision of the roadmap, very convenient for people to choose, it is really convenient service.


2, ask for directions. This product is similar to the Baidu know, is a very good product, if can not find the route, in the way you would answer there very fast, it is said that the station website editors are full-time local editing, so the answer is fast, correct answer will be not at all surprising.


3, train station and bus station condition information. Now the new year is coming, I believe many of my friends are coming home from the online search condition information, I think that the site of this service is very concerned about the people, some convenience services website can refer to the station.


4, providing weather forecasts. Although the weather forecast on the network everywhere, but the weather forecast this website seems to be more precise, because I just learned that the weather forecast this site every day seems to be the internal data of the provincial meteorological bureau.


5 offers carpool exchange. Since 2007 the oil price hike, the people miserable, so they have "the word" carpool, and I think to open such a channel compared with the aim of building a harmonious society ".


6, with the perfect combination of mobile phones. I believe that no matter where you are, as long as the phone can access the Internet, you can always find the latest bus information, from your dictionary will not have the word "lost".

7, the station has developed a web site Daquan, fresh style, green >