7 reasons for the failure of Web sites

      1, the location is not clear

      Web site location is one of the fundamental survival, lack of orientation or positioning is not clear the site, in the operation will be lost in the fog of chaos on the Internet business, and ultimately to run out of resources ended.

      2, maintenance ineffective

      when many sites in the planning stage, containing a very rich content, but ignore the individual (or group) and maintenance ability, this time finally had to reluctantly cut section, will likely affect the pre positioning, so that later get lost. Some sites are not even able to reduce the content, the team has been very tired, they exhausted the initial enthusiasm, and then shut down the station.

      3, the technology does not pass

      for a commercial web site, should not have been the focus and focus on technology, but the technology is web forms this website framework, whether server technology or software development technology, any small local problems, will bring no small trouble to the entire site, ranging from loss of visits, while lost market opportunities that have been eliminated.

      4, promotion did not keep up with

      accurate positioning, maintain smooth, technology has passed, the site in operation is basically no problem, but this is not our website, promotion is the key of the stage, if not the website to potential visitors on the screen, then all the work we do early are in vain.

      5, funds are not in place

      in addition to spare time to do personal website does not say, the construction and operation of general business website is all you need to spend a lot of money, if the money is not in place, the entire site development plan simply can not be achieved, and so on, only the dissolution of the only way off station.

      6, target and

      before building a website, especially business sites, we usually have the expected goals, even short-term goals, if there is a problem in the process of operation, resulting in unable to achieve the expected milestones, make the site development goals out of reach, this time, we will we should carefully analyze whether there is still a chance to save.


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