Hu Guangcheng e commerce is not God people are the key to success

is a symbol of war in ancient China, the meeting of wind and clouds; Pronto, 2007. Time express has sailed in 2008, a lot of surprises and surprises in the past 2007 China e-commerce market, surprise PPG successful, red child has created the myth of the IPO Alibaba, known to every family, all walks of life on the Internet and e-commerce awareness has been greatly improved, and also more confidence in the foot surprise; Baidu announced to enter the field of C2C e-commerce, announced the launch of B2C strategy, Shanda also announced in 2008 to enter the B2C e-commerce industry, many enterprises in the drive in many enterprises also are involved in the field of electronic commerce in this war, it looks like a lively, even the roadside selling tea friends are also playing the idea of electronic commerce. Electronic commerce has become the key to many businesses and individuals to open the door of wealth, is on the altar to worship.

from the second half of 07, the number of enterprises and employees involved in e-commerce began to show explosive growth. There are so many things we need to summarize and think, if it all comes down, it is not a word or two can completely understand and say, here I will present some enterprises or e-commerce practitioners understanding of electronic commerce as a topic, simply talk my opinion.

the current development environment of electronic commerce in China in recent years is indeed relatively matured a lot, the enthusiasm of enterprises to implement e-commerce is more and more high, it seems indeed a good thing, but the reality is that we have too many enterprises blindly into the field of electronic commerce, such examples in two minutes before the meet the eye everywhere, and a a net friend sent me a QQ I asked, he joined a domestic e-commerce platform, enterprises are also building a website, it has been in the past three months, have not seen any results, this time I asked him again, you then what kind of consideration, decided to business e-commerce he is, and I said some. Through this example and many previous business owners and I said the story, here I have a rough analysis of the main reasons for their e-commerce at that time:

1, the trend of

with the development of the concept of information and a large number of domestic enterprises to use e-commerce to create a series of brilliant new topic of the enterprise under the guidance of our business owners think enterprise growing up, must develop to the development of electronic commerce, this is my very identity, but also the people these years have also been doing to promote enterprise e-commerce the work of.

2, the media hype and confuse many IT companies and the induction of

some of the media and provide e-commerce services to enterprise IT "boom", the "second wave", "new era" and "subversion" and "imminent" these very sensational words and electronic commerce also bundled together, once again sounded in our ears business owners. The electronic commerce as a savior, God medicine Braun, in brochures and >

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