CNNC said in the jurisprudence to stop the DNS

after Shanghai local forum fence net shut down, Shandong famous local portal Shun net ( for similar reasons to visit. Its domain name service provider, said the site jurisprudence and other illegal information, by the higher authorities to stop the domain name resolution.

it is understood that in Ji’nan is the largest integrated information portal website, sponsored by the Ji’nan daily newspaper group, Ji’nan city is the only one approved by the State Council Information Office news website. The site consists of news, forums, blogs, galleries and other more than and 20 channels, the daily amount of up to 3 million 800 thousand visitors. Yesterday, in the domain name to visit the web site after the input page will automatically jump to the "114" page.

reporters on the relevant responsible person, call Ji’nan Shun Net Media Co., the person said, the domain name service provider to the site to stop its domain name, but it is not clear why, "we found this morning is the situation now, coordination, should will soon be solved."

through Whois information query, find the domain name service provider for Shun Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "network"), the reporter then call the customer service network, the other said, received the higher authorities Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) of the notice, Shun network involving pornographic and other illegal information, so the stop dns. Reporters then repeatedly tried to contact the China Internet Information Center, but the phone has been unable to connect.

it is worth mentioning that, just four days ago, the Shanghai local well-known consumer lifestyle website fence has also been a similar situation. The site’s domain name service provider, said the new network received a higher notice, the fence suspected of spreading pornographic, pornographic and illegal trafficking of firearms and other information, to stop its domain name resolution. The fence network firmly denied that the relevant person in charge said the fence is the main business of e-commerce, will not rely on bad information to earn traffic.

Shandong Ji’nan famous local portal station domain name analytic

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