The disappearance of the answer will come back but the content of the realization of the heat will

text / Tencent technology Li Ruchao Yu translation

points of the "disappear" seems to be some sudden.


from the shell network founder Ji Shisan (micro-blog) ask products of hand, after the end of May this year, Wang Sicong and other celebrities settled after the rapid explosion of red, until the end of June announced a $25 million A round of financing. But a minute ago, quietly offline, not only the old and new users can not log on, its WeChat public number and APP can not visit.

in this regard, a subsidiary of the parent company in CEO assistant Wu Yunfei explained to the Tencent science and technology, said the downline is simply because of technology upgrades. As for the reopening date, Wu Yunfei only said "soon, as soon as possible," said the detailed timetable is currently not appropriate to disclose.

some industry insiders speculated that the sub may encounter a force majeure from the outside world or a major internal adjustment, but many of the speculation has not yet received any confirmation of the team.

and the next week is the focus of attention continued to fall. According to the Baidu index, even in the last week of the highest peak in August 15th, the Baidu index is only 1892 points, from the highest point in May 30th, only over the past more than two months. Once the explosive products sub body in the end what happened?

was born in the big V

as a new category, question and answer products from the beginning to know Baidu has been well known, but until the rise of almost know, Q & a product is really out of the scope of ancillary tools into the mainstream. And free knowledge almost different, although the answer also advocated the sharing of knowledge, but more began to emphasize the value of the realization of knowledge.

in answer mode, answer set amount, ask, answer by not more than 60 seconds to get the reply speech set income; in addition, other users can through the price of 1 yuan to eavesdrop on the answering questions, and the respondents received half the.

brings economic benefits to users, and plays a very important role in the model.

however, from the perspective of the development of the Internet, the transition from free to charge, has never been an easy task. In this regard, should the means relatively easy way out, Wang Sicong, Liu Cixin, Zhang Ziyi invited by other big V, successfully accelerated the process: a focus on the highest value in May 30th, from the May 15th product line only half a month.

This Sina and micro-blog’s

seems to be of an identical nature.

in answer to "peak" points to lead the way, to support its high valuation is not the main shell network science, it is more entertainment "big V" brought the scandal. This kind of "knowledge" was to make a divided into good researchers on celebrity life tools dignified and imposing.

in this process, on the one hand, big V earned a considerable income, such as Wang Sicong by answering 32 questions to get >

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