Hackers inside ten thousand accounts of the wholesale price of 50 yuan


Chinese users of the data, a packed file become overnight, spread on the Internet, which is the spread of personal banking information and immigration information is completely open, although then was the rumor, but for Internet personal information security has been very worried, as users themselves, in the face of such helpless "violations" will inevitably feel, as China Internet management departments also finally lost patience, recently CSDN (Chinese software development alliance), "Tianya" website the user information leak, Chinese Ministry of industry and information technology said recently, the leaks have infringed the lawful rights of users, harm the Internet security, expressed strong condemnation of the theft and disclosure of user information behavior. This is also the Ministry of the Internet to carry out an official condemnation of the incident.

has gradually faded in the face of data leakage incidents, see more current media is to blame the leak site estimates, while the impact on the situation, but the reasons behind the incident but little understood. Nanfang Daily reporter personally into a hacker organization inside the incident was explored.

steal user account password is really very simple hacker software can be downloaded on the Internet using

"hackers drag library attacks as early as 2009 has been a large number of cases, but because hackers did not put the database on the Internet to provide public download, not as now caused a huge social sensation. The reason why there are a number of Web sites in 2009 to change the user database encryption, it is likely that this part of the site administrator was aware of the harm of the user database leakage."

in the face of the reporter, who are also keen on hacking, has now become an Internet security company employees "fruit" (a pseudonym) told reporters talking about. "This really is the leakage of information should be only CSDN and Tianya. More information is called leakage, is actually a" hit the library "," hit the library "hackers drag library the massive registered email address and password, in electronic payment, micro-blog, chat, shopping etc. test platform login, if people use the same registered email and password, it is easy to be hit by hackers hacking database (for example, more than CSDN leaked user database, using the 30% QQ mailbox registration, this part of the user if the same password set for the CSDN account and QQ may lead to QQ account stolen)"

steal user account password is really very simple, and not as deep as you imagine, at present a lot of hacker software users can freely download." Nanfang Daily reporter with the "fruit" meet in a coffee shop, the "fruit" in the coffee shop on a public computer, a few simple steps to install a password for the account hacking software, through a simple setup, the software will soon disappear in the computer desktop, "the computer after all account password >

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