Promotional brand social networking site interactive marketing case

has a large number of "cross pollination" in the field of digital media, brands also love to help each other. They do it because they want to be successful. For example, the success of social media platforms is to attract a large number of users. Like these users, consumer brands are also capable of identifying the potential value of a good online product or a good online service. As a result, they created Facebook pages, Twitter information and rich YouTube video channels.

whether they realize it or not, in fact, the consumer brand in the media brand endorsement – by the use of media brands. Conversely, because of the use of consumer brands, media brand reputation is also rising. If digital marketers actively use this, then this win-win situation is limitless. Promote the brand’s social media participation helps to improve brand exposure, and attract users to follow the brand. But marketers must be taken seriously.

in other words, the creation of advertising activities around the product itself is important, the brand and the media to promote the interaction is also very important, this propaganda value can not be ignored. A media will be regarded as its own power for the purchase, you can get a very high rate of return on investment.

1, like Zulily to motivate users

is there any way to encourage users to interact with your social media better than to provide a physical reward? Zulily is a good reference. Zulily is a major on the mother, baby products buy site. The site in the electronic mail to the subscribers, not only promote its own board of Pinterest, at the same time commitment as long as the user released pictures of pin associated with Zulily (Pinterest operation) can successfully generate subscription and transaction, then the user can get Zulily $15 to buy credit. In addition, in order to improve the simplicity of user operation, the site also provides users with a range of alternative "pinables" – in fact, is essentially a static banner advertising. Users can easily in the Pinterest, Twittter, Facebook post, you can also share through e-mail. In order to further emphasize the site offers preferential products, Zulily in Daily Mail also added a link to the Twittter and Facebook, and called on the user to act up – "to tell your friends".


this strategy improves the visibility of Zulily’s Pinterest board and other social pages. What’s more, it also increases the exposure of the page by calling the user to publish its image on the web. As a self styled brand ambassador, these users will also have a profound impact on the peers, they can directly.

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