5 steps to help start ups find the exit takeover have emboldened

if you’ve found an investment in your startup, and created a good product, this product has also been put into the market.

in the next time, you are likely to put their own strategy to seek temporary export aside. You may think that the most important task at this stage, should be focused on business development, to attract customers, increase revenue, to build a strong team, why spend time thinking about who will buy you, or when it should be listed? Many entrepreneurs will have such thoughts, after all, is a business the most time and energy that most entrepreneurs have hope in unit time only focus on one of the most important things.


however, in fact, to lead the growth of start-ups and companies seeking to export, in fact, is not the two choice of a problem, you can take into account the good at the same time these two things. In fact, for enterprises to find a successful export, itself is also a good way to lead enterprises to grow, it can let you know what is the most important thing. This is good news for entrepreneurs.

in the daily work, entrepreneurs can use many ways to seek export, so that investors, employees and other shareholders are satisfied. From my 20 years of experience in the early start-up investors, the following 5 methods can help you, any start-up companies can use these 5 methods to find exports:

1 implementation, execution, execution

you may have heard of such a sentence: enterprises in order to successfully find the exit, the first thing, but also the most important thing is to focus on their own strategies, and improve the execution.

in my opinion, the so-called successful export enterprises, should be actively acquired by others, rather than entrepreneurs trying to sell to the enterprise people.

I mean that if you build a fill other people in urgent need of enterprises to meet customer needs and potential buyers — then the opportunity will take the initiative to come to, and in the acquisition negotiations, you will occupy a more favorable position. You should avoid most of the situation is that they are eager to sell the business, and thus the initiative to seek acquisitions in the negotiations in a completely passive situation. Simply put, is to allow buyers to ask you, rather than you go to the buyer.

2 do business health

just like you brush your teeth and wash your hands every day, companies also need health, which is the basis of the health of a business operation, whether large or small businesses, is the case. I’ve seen a lot of early-stage start-ups that aren’t good enough to ignore or underestimate the importance of corporate hygiene, and they pay for it later on.

good corporate hygiene includes healthy financial conditions and other documents, such as:


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