Spend money to buy feeling emotional marketing needs to pay attention to several aspects of the valu

no matter what the industry, enterprises use a variety of marketing methods to promote enterprise brand, promote product sales is will use the means for consumers to buy goods, only a short while ago, service, already from the original view to the later (supermarket), near to the current free experience, free trial, enterprises have more and more and consumers face-to-face contact, in order to better convince the consumers of their products and subscription.

have to say, this interactive experience marketing indeed so that consumers have a better understanding and use of the true feelings such as cosmetics, food and other products, is a kind of marketing is quite successful, but for some industries, the use of interactive marketing methods may be subject to many factors, is not suitable, is the so-called "the poor are changed, so in the catering industry and the emergence of another kind of marketing, that is to say, emotional marketing today.

With the prosperity of the market economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, the perceptual level of the brand is being paid more and more attention by the consumers, which is the basis for the evaluation of

. Commodity is not only to meet the physical needs of the material interests, but also to meet the psychological needs of the spiritual interests. The spirit of the interests of consumers can find emotional sustenance, the end result of the soul, with the most popular words of contemporary people, known as money to buy". A famous cigarette advertising to lasting cowboys as its character image, with original western style picture contrasts with the vigorous horses and wild cowboy, prominent men, firm and indomitable character and lead a fast and tough guy character. Reflects the people busy, tired of the boring life in the city, and tries to get emotional compensation Miss carefree and free taste of the countryside. "This is the world of * * *" lure thousands of consumers. In fact, who knows the heart, even if a day pumping a * * * can not become a cowboy. But it can achieve some of the secular feeling from the hubbub of the distraction and relief, so that people get an emotional compensation.

back to the catering industry. Although the sea fishing is a hot pot restaurant, it’s core business is not catering, but services. In the case of the staff’s subjective initiative to the extreme, the sea fishing features increasingly rich. July 2004, the sea fishing into Beijing, began a tradition of standardization, a single service to subvert the revolution.

fishing in the sea, the customer can really find the "God", and even feel embarrassed". Even diners comments, now are equal society, people are not used to." But they had to admit that the sea (food.n6188.com) service has conquered most of the Hot pot enthusiasts, customers will never be in the sea fishing dining experience and mood posted on the Internet, more and more people are attracted to the sea fishing, similar to a "virus" effect on the show.

in recent years, Chinese marketing market has been surging trend, the quick, >

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