The method of using image station

(1) map chain site login

for a flow is not high, the popularity of the site is not high, the chain of the site can bring you much more than the search engine and other methods.

(two) friendship connection

friendship connection can bring a stable flow of passenger. In addition to help sites in GOOGLE and other search engine rankings.

talk about the best connection to connect some of the flow of higher than their own, there are well-known sites. Once again and their own content complementary website. And then similar sites, similar sites to ensure the quality of their web site to have characteristics, and can be attractive, or else not even similar sites.

do friendship connection, just began to feel the destruction of its webmaster art, so do not want to do. But, after my analysis, he tried to do a few. Just two days, the statistics prove the effect of friendship connection. Ha ha!

sites do not only beautiful, especially on commercial sites, must be practical technology first, followed by appearance. Suddenly think of a beautiful, but a year development reached about 400000 daily traffic sites, that is Gao Chunhui’s mobile phone home.

and many of my friends’ websites, although not beautiful, and some are ugly, but they really bring money to them. Oh, please remember this website design concept, practical first

(three) search engine landing ranking

search engine to bring traffic to the site will be more and more large, landing there are landing cavalry and many other software. But the most effective or manual landing. In my makeup of network sale Suo poetry statistics, through the manual login to the NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines will bring a lot of traffic to the. Some of the other portals currently take a toll landing, you can choose according to their own circumstances. But I personally think that its investment and return is not worthwhile.

Chinese search engine, currently the most used is Baidu and GOOGLE, the current two search engines have a toll service, of course, there are free landing. For charging services, according to their own choice. Baidu is 0.3 yuan per click. Google per click for 0.5 yuan, the other Chinese search alliance also has a fee ranking service. Personally think that the price is higher, less cost-effective.

if you do not want to give them money to try to get a better ranking, then you have to according to their relevant laws, optimize your site, do some detailed strategy. Such as Title Design, label design, content layout design, etc..

(four) network advertising

Although the

network advertising to spend money, but the flow of the site is very objective, but how to spend the least money to get the best results, which requires a lot of skills.


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