The construction of network marketing on the shoulder of enterprise mailbox

March, high-profile NetEase shahui enterprise mailbox market. Facing the 263 and many other strong competitors, Ding Lei to give everyone a good horse eat grass reason – user groups continue to mature, broad market space. As the first batch of NetEase business partners, such as the adjacent network is lucky. Mr. Ding Lei said at the press conference, enterprise mailbox market is a lot of Internet business or mean chicken ribs do not earn much money. Of course, experts and laymen have their own judgment and understanding.

from the price point of view, the NetEase and enterprise mail compared with other major suppliers should be higher, this is behoove, quality determines the price, which suppliers would dare paizhexiongfu said, our mailbox is China best enterprise mailbox, NetEase of course have the clout to say. Now the most important business users are the stability of corporate e-mail, security, filtering spam these three aspects, several large domestic mail service providers have done better. What are the prospects for the market except for the addition of new users,


mail do not care about the current supplier is long-term, trend and qualifying race each other, we have to focus on the development and maintenance of new customers and old customers on the. So the stability and security problems when the enterprise mailbox are solved very well guaranteed, suppliers will turn their attention to the upgrading of products and value-added services, improve the products with high added value, extend the industrial chain to the above. That is, to meet customer demand for the mailbox, the next step is to meet customer demand for a higher level.


network marketing experience and understanding based on the prediction in 1-2 years time, the structure of network marketing function in the enterprise mailbox module will appear, now QQ has shown the clue mailbox. Enterprise e-mail as the most basic Internet applications, is the most appropriate grafting network marketing fertile land. Because, the basic characteristics of enterprise e-mail is the exchange of information, the use of e-mail address.

from the functional loading order, the closest should be CRM and enterprise internal IM function of the additional. CRM based on the business card or contact information, enterprise mailbox is off the shelf, adding some fields, category management, permissions can be built up a small CRM system. In the aspect of communication module of CRM interface, there is no technical barrier between short message and fax sending and receiving. The internal GOOGLE enterprise mailbox has a built-in page chat tool, may also need time to use widely, but the enterprise instant communication, the use of e-mail is natural and easy to use. CRM and communication module, the annex of the enterprise internal IM function, for enterprise mailbox users, is a very valuable application.

for those who are not ready to engage in a CRM or SMS platform, or use QQ as the communication tool of enterprise staff, every day to open the e-mail, to fix all the problems above, it should be a very pleasant thing. Enterprise mailbox not only solve the e-mail, but also to solve the customer >

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