Jingdong 66 of the dispute tells us online shopping returns to be based on the nature of the platfo

after a weekend back in 66 and is a writer with Jingdong for return.

event overview: 66 Tucao Jingdong customer service, fermentation, pit; orchard every day out of responsibility, refused; climax, 66 long for writers "fair"; then Wang Sicong stood up for fermentation.


66 in the Jingdong mall set mangosteen orchard every day, rotten, demands the return was not agreed, and then blasted the Jingdong in micro-blog, then attracted netizens Tucao: Jingdong no consistent customer service.

orchard every day see micro-blog momentum too fast, then out of responsibility, 66 were rejected, the reason is: before repeated communication with the customer service solution, now a micro-blog to reconciliation, this money is when to buy a lesson (you early go).

as a writer in 66, and this can not, I just want to publish a long article "fair", directed at the orchard every day with the Jingdong, will eventually rise to the height of the rights of the whole incident.

finally, national husband Wang Sicong stood out with: as have the same experience, I agree with the 66, will spearhead again at the Jingdong.

66 dispute with Jingdong is just a fuse

from the point of view of the entire event process, 66 of the return problem appears in the orchard every day, but the user does not melt into the eyes of the Jingdong this grain of sand. Why? First, the user is bought from the Jingdong on the platform of the object, what what self pipe shall be third party, the first problem is certainly looking for the Jingdong "crop"; secondly, if the Jingdong’s customer service is no problem, "the attack" will not be tired, but will not instantly arouse many netizens anger.

we get the result is that Jingdong aftermarket certainly have problems.

business customer service is flawed

in 66 with the Jingdong of the dispute, a business website also referred to as Taobao, the first micro-blog 66 said "no.. In order to Jingdong @ mangosteen, price more than and 200, the home was so rotten, do not agree to refund…… From this point of view, Jingdong is not as good as Taobao, Taobao disputes on the present, it has not happened to solve."

Taobao was criticized the most is "fake", Jingdong recently found out is "customer service", it is worth noting that both genuine fakes almost, Taobao provides "return function", and no reason to return the security and speed refund services will also add a lot of Taobao customer service.

Jingdong should do? "66 rights" is a voice of the people, the attention to customer service and Jingdong by recycling.

in the electronic business platform to modify their own way, of course, the user has the right to choose it and abandon it, in fact, there is a more intelligent choice: according to the advantages of the electronic business platform features selective shopping.

Jingdong course

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