Do the five basic elements of nternet promotion

Internet development at this stage no longer let us feel strange, from building operations have many let’s learn, as long as we are willing to ask to learn to do that, compared to the basic work, promotion and service follow-up show extraordinary, so how can we in the Internet a good grasp of the popularization of the Internet


1: industry positioning

industry positioning is very important, this and we are looking for a job, our life is the same, when what we choose is destined we will grow into what kind of person, no matter what we do in the process, you planted peach seed can grow into peach trees, peach. To read a lot of articles Internet marketer than you, no matter what they explain the way of promotion, we all need to do industry positioning before, what is the main idea of our propaganda, propaganda and to what purpose? Industry positioning is not clear the audience not sure it is difficult to succeed. Nine of the units from the tired soil, and network promotion is the cornerstone of good industry positioning


two: audience group

when we set our development goals is the industry positioning earlier, following what is need to analyze their products and services of the audience, if this step your analysis is good enough so carefully following work becomes an easy job to do. We make an example, if we determine the location, in all aspects, to develop a website like marriage website, we think, who is a marriage website service object? Who will go to search or to pay attention to marriage? Maybe you will say is the product suppliers and marriage on the marriage information attention to get married. But our audience is not the supplier, but should be the focus of information, these people to your website publicity in order to play a role, if they think is good, no matter is in the layout information, all aspects are good, they will easily help you propaganda.

how to find the audience? Take the above marriage network, you can list many about marriage websites, forums, SNS and so on, there are some more than and 200 years old to marry who concern the website also can find your audience


three: product service

good products and services to people of all ages, here you need to ask yourself, you are good enough? Your service thoughtful enough? Your website content is not full enough? Provides the user just need products, services, or information


four: promotion method

the Internet is full of network promotion, website promotion methods I see have summed up the hundreds, in so many ways, we have to find a suitable method of their own, the more popular such as search marketing, Forum promotion, SNS promotion, Post Bar promotion, QQ group promotion, soft Wen promotion, this year the popular low promotion and so on, many of the most effective way to promote and >

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