Personal experience the advantages and disadvantages of three website promotion methods


blog promotion

benefits: the use of some mainstream free blog as a platform for promotion, can be more quickly and effectively achieve the promotion effect. The general mainstream is NetEase Sina Phoenix ah, ah, ah, you like ah, we must first set up a blog blog to get a good, the best is the direct use of their own website, why do you say that, because this can let users better remember visiting the blog to blog, also remember your domain name. So blog is the first condition, the best is the site name and URL, which even included, can also add a chain, reprint more clatter to the chain.

is not good: too many people, the effect is relatively reduced, because the use of this method to promote more people, and the advertising is uneven, some of the direct link is a journal title, the content is only a link. Advertising suspicion is too heavy. This method leads to accelerated fading. But now with a lot of people, but some are in use. The old men are in a different way.

forum to promote

benefits: BBS promotion is the most used one of the webmaster, because he can use the signature on the link, those who write the text that is quite attractive. Watch the people’s psychological, hand flick point in, we will promote a shake again. Video websites all love, so don’t promote clustering, whether to children 5 years old, or up to more than and 60 years old are love movies, of course, if they can surf the Internet there. The forum can post, the equivalent of an article out of the promotion. Well written, the effect is just.

is not good: many forums have restricted the signature function, resulting in most of the forum found a link, no matter good or bad directly not ShanTie, ShanTie is the use of the site code to cause, for others to do the wedding dress.

SNS promotion

benefits: because of the concentration of SNS, and others have a good classification of the site, like what kind of friends together, so that the target group is more focused, more convenient to promote it. SNS, relatively speaking, are some leisure family people in the chat, share the little drops of life, but this is our intention, by chatting with you, by the way of promotion website, because we do is the movie class, most of them love movies, let’s put his name into the website the name, if possible, would recommend to friends love movie of their own, where can you see, making it easier to believe that


is not good: it is because too many people to use, so lead to a lot of SNS are prohibited to send the URL, these are to be done to turn. Can not directly to the target user to promote their stations. And too much of it, the title will like, a little loss.

More than three

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