Why do they get 10W nspired a crayfish shop for me

has a meal to go to my friend’s shop, he was driving a special crayfish shop, business tinghuo.

he told me that the reason why he opened fire at the store was the optimization of each step.

the choice of good food, nice appearance (color, light), interesting dishes, the ultimate user experience (thick gloves, each table has a special wash place).

I this one, found that all this and write an article has so much in common.

open the hotel and write a public number, how to face the problem of how to spread.

some bosses have money, such as Tencent Ali, the store will be able to open the door to the mall, so that everyone can see at a glance. A poor little? Take the elevator upstairs to the shop, such as part of the traffic is enough to do business.

but what if you don’t have the money and the right position, and have a boss who wants to 10W+



for new media operations, the most economical way is to rub traffic (hot).

of course this does not guarantee that you will be able to write 10W+, it does need some luck, but if your article even some basic elements are not achieved, even if the channel is recommended, a flow entrance, I am afraid not spread.

I according to the crayfish case to talk about with you, the 5 elements of a spread article must do.

1, to choose the right ingredients

no good food, also can not make bricks without straw, so chase hot to pick.

let’s take a look at what a good hot spot will be.

1, fresh

timeliness stronger, is to ensure that this hot spot must be the hottest.

specific sources of information can focus on micro-blog search hot search list every day, Baidu’s hot search list today,

foreign hot spots can refer to Google trends. To ensure that they can get the latest information in the first time.


2, the topic is controversial and scalable enough

For example,

Jay Chou married, this topic is hot enough, but the controversy is not big enough, it is not easy to write good depth.

we all have to congratulate Jay Chou, memories of the past.

if you are not the entertainment is difficult to spread on the occasion.

recent baby divorce is a typical controversial and malleable topic.

is the first morning baby announced a divorce

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