Wei Feng network to be listed on the new board of valuation reached 300 million yuan

[TechWeb] reported on November 23rd news, apple Chinese community called the Wei Feng Network (operating company of Shenzhen poly collar Wei Feng Polytron Technologies Inc) submitted a new three board listing application. Transfer instructions, 2013, 2014 and 2015, and before July, the company operating income was 12 million 528 thousand and 800 yuan, 12 million 590 thousand and 500 yuan and 5 million 611 thousand and 200 yuan, net loss for the same period the company was 1 million 508 thousand and 600 yuan, 5 million 563 thousand and 400 yuan and 10 million 143 thousand and 900 yuan. Wei Feng the new business plan is 2016 turnaround.


refers to a transfer of shares in August this year, Wei Feng Network valuations have reached 300 million yuan, Peng source, Yang Bin two Book Wealth founder, have been as high as 120 million yuan and 87 million 960 thousand yuan.

data shows, Wei Feng network was founded in 2007, located in the apple product users online exchange platform, currently has 10 million registered users, covering more than 50 million high-end digital game player, more than 2 million daily IP.

currently, Weifeng technology business is divided into two sections, advertising and information services and game business. Among them, advertising and information services based on network and mobile phone App Wei Feng Wei Feng, but this part of the business growth is not obvious. 2013, in 2014 the contribution of its revenue was 12 million 51 thousand and 700 yuan and $12 million 171 thousand and 400, accounting for more than 90% of total revenue over the same period.

, science and technology team to realize the limitations of advertising revenue, will shift the focus of the game distribution business. The company said the transfer instructions, the game team has completed the construction, at the same time the company has a number of game developers signed games exclusive distribution contracts, part of the game is in beta stage. But this part of the business started late, this year 1~7 month only contributed 688 thousand yuan in revenue.

In May 21, 2010,

capital, information technology (Shanghai) Co. Shengle company invested 4 million capital poly collar is limited, and get a 30% stake in Weifeng technology. In October 2012, Shanda replaced Shengle information, become the new shareholders of the Wei Feng Technology co.. In October 2014, the introduction of new shareholders and ginkgo technology winmark Silan venture capital, both invested 10 million yuan, each of its 2.5% stake. In September 2015, science and technology, completed the shareholding reform. Shanda opt out, which will be held by winmark technology all the shares, transferred to the Guangzhou branch, LaFang investment of 9 investors, the valuation reached 300 million yuan. (Ming Yu)

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