s the main source of the lottery website news

has recently found that many webmasters are complaining that the quality of news sources is getting worse and worse, and the price is getting higher and higher. Is that I also have this feeling, I do Xiaofeng lottery website operation work, before the news source is mainly rely on open operation, because the price is cheap, the effect is good, the natural increase investment. But in the past few months, the original price of the media cooperation, the price is doubled up, unable to accept only choose a slightly higher quality news source. Has been increasingly difficult to continue to do the lottery website news source, under such circumstances, the news source is still the mainstream of our website promotion method Xiaofeng lottery


I am from my lottery site analysis and analysis of the current situation to do the news source effect

our Lottery site is mainly to promote lottery software, although far from the gaming industry, but because of the state of the gaming industry to fight, and we have such a lottery software industry is also affected. Baidu bid not advertising, many websites also refuse us lottery related industries Xiaofeng lottery sites like http://s.www.7ien.cn/. We know that in the release of the soft news source, included good, easy to spread, and the news media itself in high weight, Baidu search engine has certain advantages, has become a major weapon in lottery industry and medicine industry. However, due to the launch of Baidu Scindapsus algorithm, our website operators fear, promotion method is also in the tangle will continue to do the news source.

1, news source prices are getting higher and higher

let me continue to do the news is the source of the biggest reason is that the price increases, for the medical, gaming and profiteering industry, as well as the funds invested in such a high price. But I do this website Xiaofeng lottery lottery software industry, so there aren’t many costs inside. If you still can afford the price before, but now the price is higher than our budget.

2, low price news source of poor quality

good news source price is high, then we choose the news source of low quality, but there is a problem is the quality, place the news source of weight is not very high, can not guarantee the communication included, the effect is not good, so down, greatly reduced the effect of the promotion of the news source. Another important reason is the promotion methods we Xiaofeng lottery website on news sources will continue.


news sources more and more difficult to find

The introduction of

Baidu algorithm is a big blow to our corporate website, and it is also a headache for the news media websites. Now many news sources are afraid to pick up such a soft, high weight of the news media can hold up, the weight of a little low, there will be K risk. If this is the Baidu algorithm to calculate, all operating years of the website that is gone, it is The loss outweighs the gain.!

the difficulties in the face of the above, we also continue to do Xiaofeng lottery website news source is promotion, we need to deliberate. My view is

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